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Career Mojo: Who’s Got It; Who Doesn’t

Anyone who has been in a supervisory position or in a human resource role can relate to this: They usually know right away who is going to go far in their career… and who isn’t. I’ve seen a lot of this lately especially in younger workers (the fabled Gen Y) and can clearly identify those who are going to be those wonderful success stories in their careers… maybe not right now, but they will be at some point in their lives. There’s just something about them. But what is that magic elixir that separates the super stars out from the… Read »

How LeBron & Miami Heat Winning the NBA Championship Could Signal A Shift In the Workplace

I have a confession to make. Ever since LeBron James gave his notice to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in a blaze of self-important glory, I’ve had a stick in my craw. There was something about that whole episode and subsequent donning of the Miami Heat jersey that bothered me more and more.  It had something to do with how he did it and why he did it that rankled me the most. Then, last night, as I watched the Miami Heat win the NBA Championships and saw the unbridled joy on LeBron’s face, it finally dawned on me what was irking… Read »