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Technology: The Next Language You Need to Learn

My biggest fear: I’ll end up being an ancient dinosaur. You know, the ones that never adapted. We all know what happens. They get left behind. They are considered irrelevant and too onerous to be useful. LinkedIn recently published an article about the top 25 hottest member skill sets and how recruiters/employers can hire for them. No big surprise here: Almost every single skill listed has a technology component. On Twitter, recruiter Steve Levy took the social media airwaves to ask this question:     The answer is, invariably, YES. As much as new tech might frighten us, and as… Read »

Most Tragic Mistake Job Seekers Are Making… Right Now!

Day in and day out, I get emails from prospective clients in need of resume assistance, which I welcome as a service provider in this area. But a lot of times, after I get this message, I have to start an elaborate dance with them because they have put their job search in complete jeopardy. What’s that, you say? It’s true. Call it comfort. Call it laziness. Call it being too busy or tired to work on looking for a new job when they get home, but many people continue (astoundingly) to conduct job searches from their current workplace. On… Read »