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Job Length: How Long is Long Enough?

What is the best job length of time? I get this question a lot. The answer: It depends. Recently, industry experts revealed on Bloomberg News that the average job length only lasts 3.68 years. Wow. The era of having a job length that stretched from when you graduated until you retire is long gone. The workforce is now dominated by agile, quick learners who get bored easily and want more challenges. It’s not so much about upward mobility now, but more about intellectual stimulation. But from an employer’s perspective, this requires a complete overhaul on how they think about managing… Read »

Standing At The Unemployment Threshold To Oblivion

Standing at the unemployment threshold to oblivion? Has your unemployment been going on for a while now and are starting to feel like the world is against you? It might just be true. Researchers report finding the first hard evidence of bias against the long-term unemployed. In 2011, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission conducted a study which found that people who were “unemployed 18 months or longer” were much less likely to be interviewed than someone with a much shorter time between jobs, according to HR Magazine (Jan. 2013). So why exactly do companies hesitate in taking a closer look… Read »