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Social Media Profiles

One of the harshest realities of job seeking today and managing one’s career is that embracing technology is becoming an absolute. Those that refuse to risk becoming part of the digital divide and are regarded by a growing number of companies as obsolete. Technology is driving a lot of workplace innovations, and by not embracing social media, sends a strong message to potential employers that there is a skill disconnect. In short: If you aren’t out there, they can’t find you. Or even worse, if you don’t show up in search results, companies could interpret this to mean that you… Read »

Demanding Job Search Help Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get It

Recently, I was contacted by a job seeker through Twitter who sent me very urgent missives asking me to please help them, and they instructed me to check my email for a message that they had sent me.  When I got the note, the person’s message provided a number of reasons why they couldn’t pay for a resume service, but they wanted to see if I could basically provide my services for free.  Unfortunately, I can’t because this is how I earn my living to pay my bills. To be fair, I do get a lot of these types of… Read »

You 2.0: The Brave New World of Social Media and Online Job Searches

There are a million different websites out there providing advice on social media and job search 
 many of which have some great nuggets
 but which one is right for you? The answer is: Any or all of them. Or maybe none! You’ll definitely need to do your research on finding out where you need to be and how to build your online content and messaging towards a target audience. But one thing is clear
 pressing ‘send’ isn’t going to magically make job offers or interviews appear. You absolutely have to work every bit as hard on the social media… Read »

Reputation Management: You Are Known By The Company You Keep

Today, I was sent a blast email from another industry professional… someone that I’ve never met nor communicated with prior to this generalized message which landed in my in-box.  In the person’s note, they even apologized for the fact that they were sending a bulk email to everyone within a commonly associated group. I did a quick scan of the message and read that this person was introducing a money-making partnership and was requesting my particiation… along with everyone else whose email was listed in the email (instead of blind-copied as per social netiquette). Like most people, I get a lot of these generic messages in my… Read »