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Technology: The Next Language You Need to Learn

My biggest fear: I’ll end up being an ancient dinosaur. You know, the ones that never adapted. We all know what happens. They get left behind. They are considered irrelevant and too onerous to be useful. LinkedIn recently published an article about the top 25 hottest member skill sets and how recruiters/employers can hire for them. No big surprise here: Almost every single skill listed has a technology component. On Twitter, recruiter Steve Levy took the social media airwaves to ask this question:     The answer is, invariably, YES. As much as new tech might frighten us, and as… Read »

Most Tragic Mistake Job Seekers Are Making… Right Now!

Day in and day out, I get emails from prospective clients in need of resume assistance, which I welcome as a service provider in this area. But a lot of times, after I get this message, I have to start an elaborate dance with them because they have put their job search in complete jeopardy. What’s that, you say? It’s true. Call it comfort. Call it laziness. Call it being too busy or tired to work on looking for a new job when they get home, but many people continue (astoundingly) to conduct job searches from their current workplace. On… Read »

Performance Under Pressure… What Are YOU Really Made Of?

I just got back from speaking at a global educational conference – overall, the experience was incredible with amazing programs and powerful educational tracks. This was my 4th time attending as a presenter, yet I felt that I walked away from the conference having learned just as much as I had shared. However, there was a bigger lesson afoot here at this conference that I could not have anticipated. During my own presentation, the projector used for my PowerPoint started flickering ominously before I even took the stage. Not a good sign. Normally, I can give a presentation without slides,… Read »

How LeBron & Miami Heat Winning the NBA Championship Could Signal A Shift In the Workplace

I have a confession to make. Ever since LeBron James gave his notice to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in a blaze of self-important glory, I’ve had a stick in my craw. There was something about that whole episode and subsequent donning of the Miami Heat jersey that bothered me more and more.  It had something to do with how he did it and why he did it that rankled me the most. Then, last night, as I watched the Miami Heat win the NBA Championships and saw the unbridled joy on LeBron’s face, it finally dawned on me what was irking… Read »

Technology: Love it or Hate it When It Comes To Work

This morning, I woke up really early (ugh 3:30am), and after tossing and turning around for awhile, I finally decided to get up to face the day… my mind kept racing as I was lying there thinking about what I COULD be getting accomplished as a head start on the day’s activities. So, I got up, went into the computer room, flipped the on-switch, and started perusing my emails. I like to call this early morning work my ‘stealth’ mode… which is when you can operate pretty efficiently by sending replies and projects out, and most sane people (unlike myself)… Read »

Are You in Danger of Being Obsolete?

This past weekend, in searching for some new ideas for dinner, I delved into a cookbook in which my grandmother had lovingly handwritten all the treasured family recipes.  In her shaky script lay some real meal gems, and I found what I was looking for at long last. But what was really surprising to me were some ingredients she mentioned that I wasn’t familiar with… like “oleo.”  What in the heck was that?, I wondered. Then set off to Google this mysterious substance only to find out that is an earlier reference to what we modern folks like to call butter. Then, I spied another interesting ingredient… peanut… Read »

Playing with Fire: Asking the Wrong People for LinkedIn Recommendations

This morning, I opened up my email to find a LinkedIn recommendation request waiting for me.  However, nothing was ringing a bell about the person who requested it – I flat-out didn’t know who they were! I puzzled over their name… wondering if I was having a momentary lapse in memory as to why I couldn’t recall them.  This individual definitely wasn’t in my immediate network.  Then I checked their name against my client list.  Zip. Finally, I clicked on the person’s profile, struggling to recall how I knew them.  Only after I got onto their page did I realize that… Read »

What are Your Online Credentials Worth in a Job Search?

Have you felt it? Believe it or not, there has been a radical shift on how we conduct transactions, both business transactions as well as transactions where personnel are being hired. The Internet, long held at arm’s length as far as not being a bastion of credibility, is starting to flex its power. What was once held with skepticism is now being viewed as weighted credentials. Building your online profile adds to boosting your credibility with prospective employers. Put the shoe on the proverbial other foot: If you were looking to hire someone, and were doing some preliminary vetting of candidates… Read »

The Truth About Job Sites

I’ve done a lot of professional speaking on resume writing, and over the past eight years have talked to thousands of people. Every time, I ask the following question: “Has anyone gotten a job off of Monster.com?” Eleven people have raised their hands. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of job boards online, and they list millions of positions. Yet many of us have had this experience: You’re trolling job listings, clicking on openings in your target field, when you see The Dream Job. Your pulse starts racing. You look more closely. You are a perfect fit. You are such a perfect… Read »

The Power of Social Networking in a Job Search

As blogged about previously, I have mentioned how very important it is that you ‘sanitize’ your online presence and make sure anything that you have posted on the web is within the realm of acceptable to prospective employers. Many actually use services that collect and aggregate social online information when considering applicants for positions, in order to get a sense of the person. This is a warning to the weekend social party animal that posts drinking photos online… this could be the reason why you aren’t getting any job offers! (Believe me, people do post that kind of stuff on… Read »