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LinkedIn Networking #FAIL: Here’s What Not To Do

Yesterday, I was speaking at a business group on the concept of career management, and among the many topics I covered, we discussed networking. Particularly, the do’s and don’ts of how to do it right. Then, ironically, I received the following astounding email shortly after my speech concluded.  As an open networker, I don’t mind connecting to folks, but when any of us get messages from someone we’ve never met or interacted with (like the one below), we totally cringe: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good afternoon Dawn, Thank you for connecting with me via LinkedIn. I’ve been with (ABC Company) for 5+ years. During that… Read »

LinkedIn Is A Great Tool…. BUT Here Are 5 More Things You Need To Know

I just saw a great blog post on how LinkedIn can cause problems at work on Resume Bear, and it got me thinking that there are some things that job seekers should be aware of in addition to the excellent points mentioned in that article: 1. Sudden flurry of updates tell your network something’s a-foot. Every time you update one area of your profile, everyone in your network is updated. So imagine if you really start tinkering with your profile in earnest… that means there’s activity going on… and that you are cleaning up your act, possibly preparing for some… Read »

BranchOut Interview with Alison Hillman – original post by Career Sherpa

Special thanks to Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa who generously shared this awesome post on BranchOut that she wrote in 2/28/2012:  Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Alison Hillman and Mike Del Ponte of BranchOut and learned more about this helpful Facebook application. There are so many people who have built large networks on Facebook (I’m thinking specifically of recent college graduates, but anyone with more than 100 friends is included) and could benefit from tapping into their personal connections to help them find employment. It is yet another tool to help you nurture relationships. Ali graciously accepted… Read »

Turn Your Job Search Upside Down in 2011: 6 New Year’s UN-Resolutions

Ah, New Year’s Eve. A time of noble resolution-making, yet so many get broken while they are still brand-spanking new. So for 2011, I have a radical idea. Job seekers should decide to make some New Year’s un-resolutions. I mean, we can all make very positive career resolutions that are extremely productive, but shouldn’t we also not resolve to do some of the bad stuff, too? Un-resolutions are actually the things we wouldn’t consciously do because they just don’t make sense, but a lot of us do them anyway for a lot of reasons, including force of habit, being shy,… Read »

Sneak Peek into Future of Job Seeking –A Chilling Trend That You Absolutely Need To Know

The past weekend, I attended a gathering of career thought leaders in Seattle, WA, and found this to be an incredibly insightful experience. Usually, rĂ©sumĂ© writers and career coaches are so busy with clients that we don’t often have the opportunity to sit down and discuss observations, as well as up-and-coming trends on the horizon. We talked long and hard about how social media is slowly creeping into the candidate selection process, and spent quite a bit of time on video rĂ©sumĂ©s. Full disclosure: I’ve been relatively un-swayed in my opinion that resorting to videos is the wrong route to… Read »

Reputation Management: You Are Known By The Company You Keep

Today, I was sent a blast email from another industry professional… someone that I’ve never met nor communicated with prior to this generalized message which landed in my in-box.  In the person’s note, they even apologized for the fact that they were sending a bulk email to everyone within a commonly associated group. I did a quick scan of the message and read that this person was introducing a money-making partnership and was requesting my particiation… along with everyone else whose email was listed in the email (instead of blind-copied as per social netiquette). Like most people, I get a lot of these generic messages in my… Read »

Don’t Be A LinkedIn “Collector” or “User”

One of the most valuable career assets any of us can possess is a high quality business and professional network composed of people we’ve worked / collaborated with (or connected to) at some point in our careers. By taking this approach, there’s something at stake with this LinkedIn approach: the people that we choose to connect with have integrity and quality, we know them and they know us, and we feel comfortable helping them out if they ask for assistance. Let’s take this one level deeper: these people are also the ones with whom we have meaningful relationships and a general level of… Read »

Why LinkedIn Matters In A Job Search

Want to elevate your credentials? LinkedIn can make a difference, and add a significant amount of gravitas to your professional background.  There are a lot of different resources out there that provide helpful tips on LinkedIn, but here are the top things you need to know why you should take LinkedIn seriously as a valid career tool with as much weight as your resume: 1.  Online presence. Nowadays, if your name doesn’t pop up on any online searches, it’s become almost a bad thing. Here’s what an employer thinks: If the candidate hasn’t done anything to get themselves out on the Internet, then it’s… Read »

Top 5 Things New Grads Aren’t Taught In School About Job Searches

This blog post is copyright Pathfinder Writing and Career Services. _____________________ Diploma? Check. RĂ©sumĂ©? Check. Er, wait. Not so fast on that one. New graduates are facing one of the toughest job markets in history. What few jobs are open have literally hundreds of applicants, some of whom are vastly overqualified, putting newly minted workers at a marked disadvantage. One of the biggest problems grads face are their credentials. While career centers try to provide counseling to students on how to construct a compelling summary of their background that translates to the work world, many students aren’t listening or aren’t… Read »

The Power of Social Networking in a Job Search

As blogged about previously, I have mentioned how very important it is that you ‘sanitize’ your online presence and make sure anything that you have posted on the web is within the realm of acceptable to prospective employers. Many actually use services that collect and aggregate social online information when considering applicants for positions, in order to get a sense of the person. This is a warning to the weekend social party animal that posts drinking photos online… this could be the reason why you aren’t getting any job offers! (Believe me, people do post that kind of stuff on… Read »