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Employee Engagement Does Not Equal Loyalty

Employee engagement is a phrase being used by many HR professionals these days. Sure, every human resource professional wants their company to be known for a fun, hip, and cool workplace where people are literally battering down the doors to work there, and job turnover is low. After all, keeping employees are in their best interests, as statistics repeatedly show that the more engaged the employee, the higher the retention rate.  Which equals less cost to the employer. Going through the recruiting and hiring process carries an extraordinary price tag, in addition to lost productivity and momentum during a position… Read »

Value Proposition: So What Makes You So Special?

Most of us go about our daily work lives doing what we have been hired to do, and rarely pause to give thought to what the actual value proposition is of all that work. And there lies the problem. If we don’t consciously think about the value proposition that we offer, how does that impact our career? Big time. Let me count the ways… 1)       Salary increases. If we don’t know the value proposition of what we do, how do we expect to make a business case to the boss for the raise that we feel that… Read »