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Successful People: Their Top 2 Career Secrets

There are a lot of formulas out there that point towards how to plan and execute a successful career. But if you talk to people who have been able to achieve career advancement and increase their earnings, there are two career secrets that successful people know that help them get ahead. Remember these tips, and think about how you can implement them to advance your own goals: Metrics. Whether you get an annual performance review or not, everyone (yes, EVERYONE) should create their own job performance benchmarks. Only you know, at the micro-level, all of the various ways you have… Read »

The One Word That Can Shatter Your Career

There’s one word that can do more harm than any other when it comes to your career. Using it cuts the legs out from underneath your credibility. It is one that too many people use… and the trouble is that they don’t even know that they are using it. What is this powerful word? It’s the word “think.” As in, “I think I am capable of doing this…” Or, “This is a task I can do, I think.” Too many times when I am interviewing clients about their accomplishments or abilities, they will use “I think.” Really? You think… but… Read »

Resumes: The New Exact Match Economy

Resumes nowadays are all about the exact match. Not the following: “I just think it would be great for employers to see how well-rounded I am.” “There’s so much in my background that would help employers.” If any of these sound like things  you’ve been saying about any of your resumes, it’s time to re-think that strategy. The cold, hard reality of today’s job market and economy has resulted in employers boiling their employment processes down to the people who BEST FIT THE JOB.  Not applicants who offer a universe of diverse skills and backgrounds. It sounds harsh. But think… Read »

Resume Writer Confidential: We Know When You Are Lying

Not unlike a confessional, resume writers oftentimes hear stories that would make most people’s hair stand on end. How they messed up on the job big-time. Or a bad decision that resulted in a termination. Or had an awful boss who did unspeakable things to them. Or didn’t know how to do the job to which they were reassigned. There are a million different stories out there on the street, and resume writers hear a lot of them, day in and day out. Over time, we grow thicker skin after the shock of what goes on in the workplace wears… Read »

Your Resume Format Matters… and Doesn’t

As a writer, I get a lot of questions about resume format. The advent of so many awesome career-related portfolio sites and easy-to-use graphic design tools has sparked an explosion of digitally interesting resumes and digital portfolios. Personally, I find these fascinating, simply because as humans, we are visual creatures and anything that is attention-getting helps candidates stand out from the crowd. And that is one of the main purposes of having a resume – to market oneself. Unconventional designs, info graphics  charts, and illustrations are all great. Heck, there was even one person who put their resume on a candy… Read »

Why Bad Resumes Are Like Holiday Fruitcakes

The other day, I was participating in a Twitter chat when someone complained about getting not just one, but FIVE fruitcakes this holiday season. And since December is just getting cranked up, this lucky fellow could potentially end up with a whole herd of fruitcakes crowding out the gifts under his Christmas tree. Instead of pondering big questions like, “How did this whole awful fruitcake thing get started in the first place?”, I started thinking about why we hate them so much… and oddly, how they compare so nicely to a real stinker of a resume. So with that in… Read »

Buyer Trust: What Consumers Need To Know When Investing In Résumé Services

We have all been down that road before:  That moment when we realized that we were duped.  If you haven’t ever had someone pull a fast one on you before, then count yourself either extremely lucky or completely street-wise. But for the rest of us, being burned once makes us doubly careful the next time. I’m running into this as people who have been to other so-called rĂ©sumĂ© writers bounce over to me. They arrive after everything falls apart, yet it was clear that they failed to see the warning signs from the get-go. Here are some quick tips to… Read »

Don’t Lie In Your Résumé… But Don’t Tell the Truth, Either

The other day, I was talking to a recruiting friend of mine who is especially known for his candor about talent acquisition issues, and we were comparing notes about our rĂ©sumĂ© frustrations. As a career industry professional, I advise clients to NEVER lie on a rĂ©sumĂ©. Yet many people abandon the truth and move into uncharted areas of creative fiction when it comes to discussing their career background. And believe me, they come up with some incredible whoppers. But as a rĂ©sumĂ© writer, I am not there to act as a judge/jury to my client’s work history.  My work does… Read »

Boasting or Telling a Story That Shows Results?

This morning I met with a client who confided in me that she is not “used to boasting about herself” in her rĂ©sumĂ©, and that this entire exercise was very difficult for her.  Then she laughed uncomfortably. Too often, this is the case when people sit down to work on their most important career document. They DON’T feel comfortable about “boasting” about themselves. And that’s exactly the problem. They shouldn’t be boasting. Instead, they should be telling stories where they are the starring character.  If done correctly, these stories aren’t all about boasting. You are just telling a story that… Read »

Hitting the Moving Target: How Many Versions of Your Résumé Do You Need?

A lot of times, job seekers will contact me with help on their career document, then start rattling off a whole list of COMPLETELY different functions that they want to cover in the rĂ©sumĂ©.   One recent client was hoping to try and cover human resources, event planning, and communications all in one document. Unfortunately, in today’s brave new world of applications, one size does not fit all. But does that mean everyone needs to be constantly chasing after a moving target, always changing the document to meet each job posting? Nope. You have to rethink your strategy completely and start… Read »