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Exactly How Many Versions of Your Resume SHOULD You Have?

Let’s cut to the chase. Job seekers are exhausted by constantly running around, changing their resume up for every single job application. It’s a never-ending battle that feels like a dog chasing its tail. It’s always there…  but forever an elusive goal. So exactly how many versions of your resume SHOULD you have?  One, or many? The answer is YES. Your best strategy is to organize your job search in a way that structures your resume in the following manner: 1) Create no more than 1-3 master (core) versions of your resume.  Any more than this will result in you… Read »

Unemployed? Keep Your Competitive Edge While Out of Work

Many of my clients are currently employed, while others are out of work as a result of lay-offs, company closures or cutbacks. Those that have lost their job have told me that they are constantly worrying how they can keep themselves viable as a candidate, while continuing to search for a job. I have some simple and straight-forward steps that you can take to keep your ‘toe in the pool’ and make yourself not only a highly-relevant but also keenly-competitive candidate: 1) Education Did you want to obtain a particular degree that is common in your field, but never had… Read »