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Job References Gone Bad

Most people think about job references as a positive part of their career portfolio… but what happens when they end up hurting more than helping? Who you list and why you list is an important thing to consider. It goes without saying that you should always make sure that the people that you list are “fresh.” By this, I mean that people listed as your references should be ones who can speak most immediately and relevantly to your character, experience, knowledge, and skills. Never strategically evaluating your reference list can cause more harm than good, especially when you haven’t reached… Read »

Four No-Fail Tricks to Capturing Awesome Letters of Recommendation

Let’s face a painful truth: Most of us are totally ineffective when lining up our personal cheering sections during a job search.  This can include anything from failing to inform or keep references up-to- date on your current status to asking for recommendation letters in a panic due to a prospective employer’s request during an interview. Planning ahead and being completely focused on what you want others to speak about regarding your skills, abilities, and expertise as well as character can be the ‘make or break’ factor. So go ahead.  Be proactive and think ahead of the curve.  Here are… Read »

Seven Deadly Myths of Job References

Today, we have a guest column generously provided by www.jobreferences.com – operated by Allison & Taylor Reference Checking, Inc., which is headquartered in Rochester, Mich., and has been in the business of checking references for individuals since 1984. The firm’s services have been listed and recommended in bestselling books authored by Martin Yate. In addition, numerous articles have been published about the service in newspapers and magazines including Glamour, New Woman, Worth, NBEW, The Detroit News, and St. Petersburg Times. For more information, please visit www.jobreferences.com or call 800-651-2460. Thinking about your prospects for landing that new job? You should… Read »