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Don’t Ask For A Recommendation If You Haven’t Earned It

Today, I got another one. That “one” being a request on LinkedIn to provide a recommendation to someone I am connected to… but have never worked with in a way that allowed me to witness, first-hand, their abilities. Sigh. Why do people put their personal brand in jeopardy with such a thoughtless click? When someone asks for a recommendation from another person who truly doesn’t have any knowledge of their abilities, a terrible thing happens. They look pathetic.  Desperate. A relative pulled the same trick on me about a year ago.  He’s been struggling in a job search and is… Read »

LinkedIn Is A Great Tool…. BUT Here Are 5 More Things You Need To Know

I just saw a great blog post on how LinkedIn can cause problems at work on Resume Bear, and it got me thinking that there are some things that job seekers should be aware of in addition to the excellent points mentioned in that article: 1. Sudden flurry of updates tell your network something’s a-foot. Every time you update one area of your profile, everyone in your network is updated. So imagine if you really start tinkering with your profile in earnest… that means there’s activity going on… and that you are cleaning up your act, possibly preparing for some… Read »