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Companies Lose Brand Momentum When Handling Employee Departures Poorly

The other night, a couple of girlfriends and I got together to have an after-work walk, with drinks following afterwards to chat about work and life in general. One of them recently just left a business to take a job at a different company and was filling us in on the details of her new position. But then she paused. And provided a startling insight that many businesses often overlook… which is very shocking. At her previous employer, no one (still) has not bothered to check voice mails being left at her old extension, NOR on the business cell phone… Read »

When Is The Right Time To Quit a Job?

We all know that song made famous by Johnny Paycheck, “Take this Job and Shove It,” and many of us have fantasized about marching into the tyrannical boss’ office and telling them in no uncertain terms that they can take a long walk off of a short pier. Common sense prevails, though, and most of the time, we silently suffer in hostile and often toxic workplaces simply because we need the money or benefits. So that begs the question: Is there ever a right time to quit a job? It depends, say experts. But one thing you never want to… Read »

6 Ways to Avoid Burning Bridges By Leaving A Job

We’ve all been there.  At some point, we are finally ‘done’ with our current employer and make the decision to hunt for a new job.  That’s just the nature of the beast- we get hired, we get excited, we have a honeymoon phase, we work hard, and slowly, the glow wears off. Next employer, please. But there are certain ways we can exit our current company, and it is IMPERATIVE to remember that what we do and how we do it when leaving can stay with us for years to come. Taking our cues (no matter how vicariously we lived through… Read »

Quitting Your Job:Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Echoes of the famous Clash song have undoubtedly resonated at that painful moment of deciding whether to quit a job or not. Go ahead.  It’s okay to occasionally indulge yourself in that fantasy of going out in a blaze of glory like a certain JetBlue flight attendant did last year. But then, let’s get real. At some point in our career, most of us find ourselves in such a prickly dilemma. The real trick to navigating a confusing mess of conflicting emotions is to rip lyrics right from this song and apply them to the real-work world. So, darlin,’ you… Read »