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Don’t Lie In Your Résumé… But Don’t Tell the Truth, Either

The other day, I was talking to a recruiting friend of mine who is especially known for his candor about talent acquisition issues, and we were comparing notes about our résumé frustrations. As a career industry professional, I advise clients to NEVER lie on a résumé. Yet many people abandon the truth and move into uncharted areas of creative fiction when it comes to discussing their career background. And believe me, they come up with some incredible whoppers. But as a résumé writer, I am not there to act as a judge/jury to my client’s work history.  My work does… Read »

Is There A “Good” Way To Lay Someone Off? Employers Should At Least Try, But Most Seemingly Don’t.

In an era of people going ‘postal’ in the workplace as an expression of their anger / frustration or as a result of multitude of personal emotional problems, most companies have adopted fairly rigid layoff procedures as a precaution against such radical behavior. The problem is that these layoff tactics, including the element of surprise then banishment seemingly comes straight from the cold, empty heart of a lawyer who has no connection to the relationships that a company has with its workers. Many of these employees have put in countless hours, poured their heart and soul into doing a good job,… Read »