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You’ve Hit Rock Bottom… Now What?

Most of my friends and clients know that I love hiking. The reward involves beautiful mountain vistas and breathtaking wildflowers. But with anything worth doing, there’s always a downside. Mine happens to be falling. A lot. And I’ll even reveal a secret: My nickname is “Stumblina” – bestowed upon me by my concerned but bemused husband as my falling down while outdoors happens so frequently. So this weekend, after successfully navigating a very deep (and steep canyon) enroute to our campsite on Mt. Hood here in Oregon, the return trip wasn’t as lucky. After making it all the way back… Read »

The Profound Impact of Who We Meet and How They Define Us

This isn’t one of those blog posts praising the benefits of business networking. Nope. Instead, this one is personal. Yesterday, I got word that a friend passed away.  News like this always is very saddening, but peel this back one more layer and underneath, a life-defining story is revealed. I met this person at a business conference.  We had traveled separately as representatives in the tourism industry to the world’s largest travel tradeshow, World Travel Market.  Our lives connected as the Oregon delegation shared a booth at this show, and I was there promoting the Portland Oregon Visitors Association.  She… Read »