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Personal Brand vs. Company Brand

Personal brand definitions can be tough when you are operating within a corporate environment. But you CAN execute a personal brand right, even despite the lines sometimes being blurred between what is personal and what is corporate. Here’s an example of what I mean: Yesterday, I gave a presentation to a group of professionals where the following question was raised: “If I am creating online content for my company, which is going out under their social media channels, and this content is some of my best work, how do then I build my own personal brand?” This is a real… Read »

Developing Your Elevator Pitch: Adding Purpose and Value to Your Career

One of the questions I ask in consultation with my clients is why they feel that they make a better (insert target job field/position here) than the other candidates. The funny thing is, from CEOs to entry level workers, 90% usually are stopped cold with this question. They simply can’t answer this in succinct, value-driven terms. And that’s a real problem. Knowing and feeling comfortable with your worth in terms of value to your current employer and prospective employers is a powerful tool in a job search. The proverbial “30-second commercial” or “elevator pitch” holds true today and need to… Read »