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ļ»æļ»æ Pathfinding Your Way to The Next Career Step

Pathfinding can be difficult. In fact, back in September, big picture thinker Seth Godin posted a blog about finding your way to the next path. Ā I saved the post, mulling it over because it has a lot of implications and relevancy for job seekers.Ā  For many people in the workplace, pathfinding means finding a new job, better job, or a promotion. Or even a completely different field or purpose. And some people just seem to get their a lot easier than others. It doesnā€™t help that we are pressured in school to ā€œmake a choiceā€ rather than prepare graduates to… Read »

Endurance: What Are You Made Of?

Endurance matters. As my husband Brad always says: ā€œSlow and steady wins the race.ā€ And heā€™s right. In this fast-paced, instant-gratification world, thereā€™s still one unbroken rule: Being constant. Ā This has a direct application to achieving your goalsā€¦ We cannot ever get what we want by simply hitting the ā€œeasyā€ button. That button doesnā€™t exist. This past weekend, Brad and I went backpacking along Oregonā€™s scenic Rogue River. In 3 days, I hiked 48 miles carrying 31 pounds of gear on my back as we trekked across very rough terrain that undulated in 6,200 feet of elevation gains and losses…. Read »

Credit Checksā€¦ Should They Be Part Of The Applicant Background Screening Process?

Today, (February 23, 2010) the Oregon Legislature forwarded a bill to the GovernorĀ that prohibits employers from conducting credit checks on prospective employees during the due diligence phase before making a hiring decision. Thereā€™s a heated debate about this aspect of the screening process. On one hand, there are a whole lot of people out on the hunt for a new job who have bad credit as a result of being laid off or being buried under medical bills. Does this mean that these obstacles should be allowed to impact their job qualifications? Employers and businesses argue that this law interferes… Read »

Top 5 Secrets to Keeping 2010 Career Resolutions

As the ball drops in Times Square to bid farewell to 2009 and usher in 2010, many people turn to the well-intentioned and time-honored tradition of making New Yearā€™s resolutions which, as we all know, are usually broken before they even get off the ground. So instead of silently vowing that 2010 is the year that you ditch that overbearing boss and go find a new job, you should instead make career resolutions that will actually stick. The top five secrets you need to know about keeping your 2010 career resolutions will help you stay on track, be focused and… Read »

What ā€œProfessional Developmentā€ Really Tells Employers

I was recently at a conference of meeting professionals providing a resume review workshop, and made a stunning discovery: Relatively few people listed the words, ā€œProfessional Developmentā€ on their resume under their EDUCATION header. The irony is that these are the people who plan the very conferences and educational seminars that we go to in order to earn ā€˜professional developmentā€™ credentials. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees! Professional development is the terminology used to describe any additional educational training or background youā€™ve gained through attending conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, trainings, continuing education classes, industry… Read »