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Reputation Management – The New Career Currency

Reputation management matters more than most job seekers realize. While it is still mind-boggling to me that many people continue to resist getting onto social media platforms, the future looks even more technologically-oriented. As the information uploaded, posted, stored, and mentioned on the Internet continues to grow, what starts to emerge is a composite picture of job candidates and their reputation management. Think of it as a giant resource that adds up to the sum of you and the reputation that you have built. And employers / recruiters / headhunters are turning to this resource as a way to cloud-source… Read »

Guarding Your Reputation Requires 24/7 Attention

I got thrown for a loop today…   Real-life situations always are mind-boggling on the twists and turns they take because the truth is, as we always know, stranger than fiction. Such is the case today, which underscores a point I like to make about how we ALWAYS need to be vigilant about our own reputation management. So here’s the scenario on what happened to me: ______________________________________ One of my career industry colleagues received a curt voicemail from a company requesting a complete employment verification on me. (How very odd, especially as I have been in business almost 5 years… Read »

Your Online Doppelgänger: A Good or Bad Version of The Real You?

I was at a meeting recently and during a break out session on social media, we were talking about how much (or little) of the ‘real you’ should be revealed online. Everyone around the table had Facebook profiles, but several people revealed that they actually had two different ones; one that is business-related and the other locked down to close friends only… mainly because they were afraid of the world seeing the ‘real’ person who expressed thoughts and ideas. The second profile was created because these folks didn’t want to worry about professional repercussions. That being said, if the expectation is… Read »

Sneak Peek into Future of Job Seeking –A Chilling Trend That You Absolutely Need To Know

The past weekend, I attended a gathering of career thought leaders in Seattle, WA, and found this to be an incredibly insightful experience. Usually, résumé writers and career coaches are so busy with clients that we don’t often have the opportunity to sit down and discuss observations, as well as up-and-coming trends on the horizon. We talked long and hard about how social media is slowly creeping into the candidate selection process, and spent quite a bit of time on video résumés. Full disclosure: I’ve been relatively un-swayed in my opinion that resorting to videos is the wrong route to… Read »