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Weathering The Storm: What To Do When Your Company Is Acquired

After a lot of uncertainty, the news finally comes out, and the shock waves ripple throughout the office: Our company has been bought. Not every acquisition means that the new owners will immediately clean house, but you can count on the fact that everything will be under close scrutiny as they begin digging deeper into their new purchase… much like a new car owner starts fiddling with all the gadgets to get the “hang” of them. During this process, decisions will be made about what is useful… and what isn’t. So where do you fit in this picture? Believe it… Read »

Most Tragic Mistake Job Seekers Are Making… Right Now!

Day in and day out, I get emails from prospective clients in need of resume assistance, which I welcome as a service provider in this area. But a lot of times, after I get this message, I have to start an elaborate dance with them because they have put their job search in complete jeopardy. What’s that, you say? It’s true. Call it comfort. Call it laziness. Call it being too busy or tired to work on looking for a new job when they get home, but many people continue (astoundingly) to conduct job searches from their current workplace. On… Read »

What To Do When A Disaster Strikes The Office

Watching all of the coverage of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation that the storm has wrought as the images continue to come in as everyone begins to dig out begs a question. Beyond personal safety, property repairs, replacement purchases, and insurance forms, what happens to people whose employers suffered a catastrophe at the office – the workplace is destroyed, heavily damaged, or otherwise inoperable? What do you do if your office is destroyed/damaged by a catastrophe or large-scale disaster? Each situation is completely different, and lot of how your company rebounds from a disaster truly rests on the company leaders’… Read »

Why Good Customer Service Can Positively Impact Your Career

Ever wonder how certain people seem to attract career opportunities either through promotions or new job offers? If you look closer, you’ll see that many of these successful people are ones who do a good job of treating everyone with courtesy and respect, while genuinely trying to expedite quality responses whenever possible. And since most business owners see fellow employees as internal customers, how well you “play” with others and go that extra mile can have positive, long-term effects on your career. So ask yourself this question:  Are you working as hard to create a pleasant and collaborative team environment… Read »

Annual Reviews: What To Do When Your Boss Isn’t Giving You One

In talking to many clients, it is becoming extremely clear that many employers are failing to provide any kind of annual performance evaluation to employees. This is a dangerous practice simply because it leaves how you are actually doing your job subject to different interpretations. From a business standpoint, this can be a liability because if they suddenly decide to terminate the employee, if there isn’t documentation (i.e. performance review demonstrating that the staff member isn’t fulfilling the duties and expectations of the position. It could lead to possible litigation if the employee decides to take legal action if they… Read »

Under Attack: What To Do When An Office Mate Is Out To Get You

The other day, I was off on a bike ride around the city, pedaling away and minding my own business. It was a beautiful day and I was passing by some wetlands that I hadn’t been past before. All of a sudden, something hit my helmet with such force that I thought that I had been attacked from behind by a bad guy. Freaking out, I looked behind and didn’t see a soul.  Puzzled, I swung my head around and immediately connected the hit with a blackbird that just landed on a nearby post and was glaring at me. At… Read »

Is There Any Such Thing As Being Too Good On The Job?

After the economic collapse, many companies stayed afloat with a core group of employees who were the “go-to” experts that they couldn’t live without, after all the other personnel had been let go. But you know what? These bosses found out that they could continue to “make do” with the reduced staffing levels and still keep things moving. After all, overhead expenses (read: salaries) were kept low because a certain group of people were shouldering the burden of the work… and they kept at it, day in and day out. But beyond just handling additional work that is the direct… Read »

Companies Lose Brand Momentum When Handling Employee Departures Poorly

The other night, a couple of girlfriends and I got together to have an after-work walk, with drinks following afterwards to chat about work and life in general. One of them recently just left a business to take a job at a different company and was filling us in on the details of her new position. But then she paused. And provided a startling insight that many businesses often overlook… which is very shocking. At her previous employer, no one (still) has not bothered to check voice mails being left at her old extension, NOR on the business cell phone… Read »

Why I Hate People Who Come To Work With A Cold

Call it an overdeveloped sense of duty.  Perhaps the boss is so cheap that they don’t offer sick days. Or maybe people are fearful of “missing something” while out of the office. Or simply having imminent deadlines dangling overhead that must be met otherwise heads will roll…. Whatever you call it, it’s an ugly workplace truth. Time and time again (especially in the winter season), really sick people who SHOULD NOT be at work drag themselves into the office to share their cold/flu/sore throat and spend the entire day wheezing, hacking, and sneezing, all the while fitfully pumping the Purell container on… Read »

Be A Workplace Hero

So you’ve been working away in your career, and have cultivated a strong reputation with your co-workers. Want to kick it up a notch? Be indispensable. Here’s the trick: the most valuable employees are the ones who are the generous experts who give back. What you learn and how you share it can make you the workplace hero.   A byproduct of being helpful and resourceful: you’ll earn respect as the company subject matter expert. Here are some tips to make yourself shine in some of the most humble ways: 1)      Share articles of interest.  Sometimes, companies only pay for publication subscriptions for select… Read »