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The Alumni Networking Solution

This blog post was provided by John Muscarello, who started Start Networking Today. John is an expert networker and career development expert who remembers how frustrating job searching was when he was looking for his first job.  It wasn’t until John started networking that he started to see success in his job search.  After he found a job using networking as his main approach he continued to network and made lot of connections that helped him advance his career. ________________ If you are frustrated searching job boards, sending resumes into black holes, and not getting responses from prospective employees, what I… Read »

Don’t Be A Job Search Turkey!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and while most people’s thoughts turn to the annual feast and associated family gatherings, it’s important to remember that for job seekers, their search continues on. For them and anyone else contemplating changing job, it is important to know that there are certain things that shouldn’t be done to avoid being labeled a “turkey.” Here are some tips to think about to keep your reputation intact as you look for work: 1) Always thank those that help you. Whether you get a job or the lead that was provided to you turns out to be a… Read »

LinkedIn Networking #FAIL: Here’s What Not To Do

Yesterday, I was speaking at a business group on the concept of career management, and among the many topics I covered, we discussed networking. Particularly, the do’s and don’ts of how to do it right. Then, ironically, I received the following astounding email shortly after my speech concluded.  As an open networker, I don’t mind connecting to folks, but when any of us get messages from someone we’ve never met or interacted with (like the one below), we totally cringe: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good afternoon Dawn, Thank you for connecting with me via LinkedIn. I’ve been with (ABC Company) for 5+ years. During that… Read »

The REAL Reason So Many People Hate Networking

Aside from the nervousness that comes from having to talk to complete strangers, most people don’t realize the true reason why they loathe networking. It’s about not the early meeting times for many of these events. It’s also not about trying to be cheerful or overly perky. And it’s not the pressure of trying to meet valuable contacts. The real reason so many people hate networking is simple: They are afraid that they won’t have anything meaningful to say. You never know who you are going to meet at these events, or what you will talk about. Topics can range… Read »

Fitting Into A New Company

Just like breaking in a new car, there’s that “honeymoon” period after you start your first day that requires extra special care and attention. You can’t hit the gas too hard otherwise you risk spinning out of control and skidding out of the lines, even before you know where the lane markers are. Smart career managers realize that it takes a delicate balance of assertively stepping up to job tasks and gaining the respect of co-workers and counterparts while carefully navigating around unknown landmines which could blow up right underneath their feet. Treading carefully and quietly is the savviest career move you can make… Read »

How To Make Internships Translate to Potential Employers

Talk to any successful business person and ask them about how they got their career start, and you’ll more than likely get a wistful look in their eye as they recall an internship that made a significant impact on their lives. That’s all well and good, but what is the real trick to making sure your internship doesn’t turn into the “making coffee and running copies” dreaded drudgery? The truth is that what your internships turns into rests on you. But there is a real secret to making these internships truly meaningful. You can make out of it as much… Read »

Too Shy To Network? Get Over It.

A week ago, I attended a business mixer sponsored by the Portland Business Journal, and was immediately reminded about something. As I walked into the crowded room of about 200 professionals, I remembered that keeping up the art of networking requires you to keep working at it. Like exercising a muscle, you need to keep flexing it in order to keep it in shape. Not that I have any excuse… I have been (ahem) a little negligent myself lately in getting out into true networking situations where I don’t know anyone.  A heavy client load and multiple projects have kept my… Read »

Top Career Torpedoes You Need To Avoid

Traveling along on our respective career paths, everyone should be aware of what potential landmines exist along the way that could prove to be obstacles to building a stellar reputation. From working with literally 1,000+ clients over the past few years, here are some things I have observed that are the biggest problems that could torpedo your career right off the bat:  “Shoulder-Lookers”: There are the genuine networkers, and then there are the people we meet at events that are always looking above our shoulder to see if they can spot someone ‘better’ in the crowd to go talk to…. Read »

Mean People: Whaddyagunnadoaboudit?

Last week, I was on the road for business and on one of my flight legs between Houston and Atlanta, I boarded the plane to find someone sitting in my aisle seat.  Long story short, somehow there was a glitch and they had the same seat assignment, and since they got there first, I was told to find any open available seat.  Greatttttttt….. I was one of the last ones on board at this point, and of course, the only ones remaining were the dreaded middle seats. But it got worse
 and you probably know what is coming next. As… Read »

Are You in Danger of Being Obsolete?

This past weekend, in searching for some new ideas for dinner, I delved into a cookbook in which my grandmother had lovingly handwritten all the treasured family recipes.  In her shaky script lay some real meal gems, and I found what I was looking for at long last. But what was really surprising to me were some ingredients she mentioned that I wasn’t familiar with… like “oleo.”  What in the heck was that?, I wondered. Then set off to Google this mysterious substance only to find out that is an earlier reference to what we modern folks like to call butter. Then, I spied another interesting ingredient… peanut… Read »