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Employee Engagement Does Not Equal Loyalty

Employee engagement is a phrase being used by many HR professionals these days. Sure, every human resource professional wants their company to be known for a fun, hip, and cool workplace where people are literally battering down the doors to work there, and job turnover is low. After all, keeping employees are in their best interests, as statistics repeatedly show that the more engaged the employee, the higher the retention rate.  Which equals less cost to the employer. Going through the recruiting and hiring process carries an extraordinary price tag, in addition to lost productivity and momentum during a position… Read »

Loyalty: A Dead Workplace Value?

I keep hearing a word that pops up regularly that is completely alarming when I ask job seekers to describe themselves. The conversation usually goes like something like this: Me: “Ok, now tell me some of your personal strengths and attributes that make you good for this type of job.” Job seeker: “I’m driven, dedicated, and extremely loyal.” STOP. Let’s interrupt this conversation to have a frank discussion about “loyal.” It always gives me pause because of its contradictory nature when used in the job search process. Semantics mean everything, and this word requires us to dig a little deeper… Read »