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LinkedIn Profile Headline: Make it or Break it

If I see another user’s LinkedIn profile headline that says “Unemployed,” I am gonna scream!!! Listen up, people. “Unemployed” is not a job. It is not a goal. It is not positive. It basically is shouting out to the world that you are in a bad place. Your headline should reflect your goal. Your target. It should summarize your background. Point you towards the future. Declare your career target. It shouldn’t look back at real or perceived slights or failures, or your current situation. The first point of contact you have with online networks is how you are found in… Read »

LinkedIn Endorsements: Helping or Hurting?

Hate them or not, LinkedIn endorsements are here to stay. Dismissed by many as something as easy to do as a Facebook “like,” many career industry experts and recruiters saw this new feature as pure fluff that made trading endorsements akin to “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” But social media experts have a different angle.  Thought leader and 312digital.com founder Sean McGinnis  had this to say about it in a recent Facebook post: “I realize there’s a lot of controversy and skepticism around the LinkedIn Endorsements feature. I think critics who dismiss it out of hand are doing… Read »

Don’t Be This LinkedIn User: Case Study of What NOT To Do

LinkedIn is an amazing networking resource, and you get to connect with an amazing array of individuals. The positive benefits far outweigh the negatives. But what one person did recently was so awful that it bore writing a blog post about it. As an open networker, I have no problem connecting to people. That’s what networking is all about… keeping your door open. So that means I say “yes” to a lot of requests to connect from people that I don’t know.  Sure, why not? It’s fun to get to know folks, and you never know where that connection might take… Read »

Don’t Be A Job Search Turkey!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and while most people’s thoughts turn to the annual feast and associated family gatherings, it’s important to remember that for job seekers, their search continues on. For them and anyone else contemplating changing job, it is important to know that there are certain things that shouldn’t be done to avoid being labeled a “turkey.” Here are some tips to think about to keep your reputation intact as you look for work: 1) Always thank those that help you. Whether you get a job or the lead that was provided to you turns out to be a… Read »

LinkedIn Networking #FAIL: Here’s What Not To Do

Yesterday, I was speaking at a business group on the concept of career management, and among the many topics I covered, we discussed networking. Particularly, the do’s and don’ts of how to do it right. Then, ironically, I received the following astounding email shortly after my speech concluded.  As an open networker, I don’t mind connecting to folks, but when any of us get messages from someone we’ve never met or interacted with (like the one below), we totally cringe: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good afternoon Dawn, Thank you for connecting with me via LinkedIn. I’ve been with (ABC Company) for 5+ years. During that… Read »

Social Media Profiles

One of the harshest realities of job seeking today and managing one’s career is that embracing technology is becoming an absolute. Those that refuse to risk becoming part of the digital divide and are regarded by a growing number of companies as obsolete. Technology is driving a lot of workplace innovations, and by not embracing social media, sends a strong message to potential employers that there is a skill disconnect. In short: If you aren’t out there, they can’t find you. Or even worse, if you don’t show up in search results, companies could interpret this to mean that you… Read »

LinkedIn Is A Great Tool…. BUT Here Are 5 More Things You Need To Know

I just saw a great blog post on how LinkedIn can cause problems at work on Resume Bear, and it got me thinking that there are some things that job seekers should be aware of in addition to the excellent points mentioned in that article: 1. Sudden flurry of updates tell your network something’s a-foot. Every time you update one area of your profile, everyone in your network is updated. So imagine if you really start tinkering with your profile in earnest… that means there’s activity going on… and that you are cleaning up your act, possibly preparing for some… Read »

Don’t Be A LinkedIn “Ignoridiot!”

I just got back from a presentation where I asked audience members to raise their hands to show if they were LinkedIn… and as usual, several people simply sat that question out… and avoided eye contact with me. As a follow up, I then queried the group as to who had made their profiles robust and updated them recently.  A large number of hands came down at that point.  After the program was over, several people came up to me and said that they had a profile up but it wasn’t something of which they were particularly proud, but they… Read »

From the “Just When You Think You Understand Social Media Department”…

I have a confession to make…I’ve acting like the back-end of a horse lately. There. I said it. Publicly. What prompted this admission? Well, other than I really was acting like the business end of a horse, I feel really bad. Horrible, in fact.  I thought I understood the rules of engagement social media fairly well, but it turns out that in one respect, I was the one behaving badly. So here’s the story: As an early adopter of many social media platforms, I have built a fairly robust network over the past years, especially on LinkedIn. But I was… Read »

On the Job #FAIL: Game Over?

Let’s talk turkey about a very painful topic:  Failure. Eeeek!  Run for the hills! In fact, the idea for this blog post was so uncomfortable that when I posted an APB on LinkedIn groups asking for some help writing about on-the-job failures, do you know what I got? Absolute radio silence. Riiiiiight…  so I guess that means that everyone out there is all absolutely flawless and without a fault? Ahhh….Probably not.  However, this response pretty much confirmed my suspicions and the very reason for the blog in the first place: Everyone is too scared to talk about their job failures.  … Read »