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Lead at Work… Without Being a Leader

Do you want to lead? Believe it or not, as much as everyone likes to move forward and upward in their career, many professionals actually don’t want to get into leadership roles. The added responsibility, sleepless nights, and stress, as well as bringing work home regularly are completely compelling reasons to do what you do best: the worker bee kind of stuff. There’s some added truth to this, because as the saying goes: “too many cooks in the kitchen” means that if everyone is a leader, then they are too busy making their own changes/opinions… and nothing gets done or… Read »

Leadership: The Magic Ingredient

Leadership is an amazing thing… especially when that magic ingredient is present in someone early in their career. This past weekend, I was at a conference providing career advice to career professionals from all over the world.  It was interesting to hear so many different stories and career goals. But the best stories came from young people who were early in their careers.  I just loved hearing about their enthusiasm, and it is at this point that I could see their future clearly and the success that they will undoubtedly enjoy. And it boils down to one thing: They are… Read »

The REAL Reason So Many People Hate Networking

Aside from the nervousness that comes from having to talk to complete strangers, most people don’t realize the true reason why they loathe networking. It’s about not the early meeting times for many of these events. It’s also not about trying to be cheerful or overly perky. And it’s not the pressure of trying to meet valuable contacts. The real reason so many people hate networking is simple: They are afraid that they won’t have anything meaningful to say. You never know who you are going to meet at these events, or what you will talk about. Topics can range… Read »