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Top Career Torpedoes You Need To Avoid

Traveling along on our respective career paths, everyone should be aware of what potential landmines exist along the way that could prove to be obstacles to building a stellar reputation. From working with literally 1,000+ clients over the past few years, here are some things I have observed that are the biggest problems that could torpedo your career right off the bat:  “Shoulder-Lookers”: There are the genuine networkers, and then there are the people we meet at events that are always looking above our shoulder to see if they can spot someone ‘better’ in the crowd to go talk to…. Read »

Love the Job You’ve Got

This blog post is provided courtesy of Connie Dorigan, President, of Dorigan & Associates, an Oregon-based recruitment services firm specializing in the software and emerging technology industries. __________________ Remember the days when, if you felt dissatisfied with your job, all you had to do was tell a friend or two, spruce up your resume and voila, you got a new job? Today the economy, although we are seeing signs of improvement, is far from robust. Many companies are holding firm on hiring freezes, which often impacts career advancement. You may find you need to “wait-things-out” for a while. You may… Read »