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Employee Engagement Does Not Equal Loyalty

Employee engagement is a phrase being used by many HR professionals these days. Sure, every human resource professional wants their company to be known for a fun, hip, and cool workplace where people are literally battering down the doors to work there, and job turnover is low. After all, keeping employees are in their best interests, as statistics repeatedly show that the more engaged the employee, the higher the retention rate.  Which equals less cost to the employer. Going through the recruiting and hiring process carries an extraordinary price tag, in addition to lost productivity and momentum during a position… Read »

The Biggest Secret Obstacle to Your Career

Time and again, clients land in my email inbox or are on the phone talking to me, painfully recounting how the job that they thought was secure was suddenly wiped out in the blink of an eye. What they thought was a bullet-proof company career is suddenly gone, and the employee is now left with dangling, unresolved questions: “I did everything right, and was a top performer… How could this happen?” “The boss and I were best pals… what went wrong?” “Why me?” But the truth is: There is no such thing as job security any more. It’s all about… Read »