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Job Search Resources: The Whole World Is At Your Fingertips

Job search resources are more plentiful than you know.  Actually the whole world is at your fingertips if you can train yourself to think like a library operates. Many moons ago (we won’t discuss how many), I worked in my university’s library as part of my work-study program while in school. At the time, it was a somewhat interesting job working in the periodicals department, but I was at that age where I would have much rather spent my time lounging in the sun doing nothing.  C’est la vie. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that this… Read »

Forgiveness in a Job Search – It Makes A Difference

Forgiveness? Yes. Forgiveness. We hear a lot about writing the all-important thank you note to express appreciation. But forgiveness also plays an equal part in a job search, whether you realize it or not. There’s a lot to be angry about during this stressful time. Especially when you get a rejection notice.  So many times, job seekers say to themselves angrily: “Those idiots! They don’t even GET how much I could have done for them!” Nelson Mandela’s passing reminds us that forgiveness is the ultimate key to freedom.  Upon reflecting on his release from imprisonment, he said, “As I walked… Read »

Employ Yourself… But Know The Pitfalls As Well As Benefits

Taking the leap to employ yourself can be a solution to an endless job search. While the economy is continuing to grow and employers are cautiously hiring more employees, the level of jobs still hasn’t reached pre-recession levels. That means a lot of people who used to have jobs are still out of work… Either they are still looking, or have given up altogether. Statistics show that many great companies were born in the ashes of languishing economic times, and many people get tired of waiting to be hired… so they start their own company or launch a consulting agency…. Read »

Preparing For An Interview Is Also A Proactive Process

Many times, we don’t consciously think about what we need to do to prepare for an interview until we get the call that an employer wants to talk to us about a job opening. Then all hell breaks loose. It’s a mad scramble to pull together documents and read up about a company to be as up-to-speed as possible before heading in. Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most difficult steps in the entire job search process. But as a person who actively manages your career, your goal is to be keeping those target companies within your sights for much… Read »