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Job Searches are a Team Effort

Job searches are a team effort. When one partner or spouse gets axed, the whole team has to jump into action. Case in point: One of the best parts of writing this blog is having a real-life example literally write the story for itself. However, this one is personal. Real personal. And isn’t so easy to write, this time. And yes, it is about job searches. On Monday, I was watering the garden after work when my husband got home. “I’ve got some bad news,” he ventured. “Okay….,” I replied… waiting for the shoe to drop. “I’m getting laid off.”… Read »

Job Search: Quit Banging Your Head Against the Wall

This is a story about hairspray. Well, not really. But it serves as a great metaphor for a job search. This morning, as I was getting ready, I was exhausting the last little bit of the hairspray can as I readied my hair. You know that moment- when you are shaking the can, trying to get the spray nozzle to empty that last annoying spritz that you can hear jiggling inside. As much as I wanted to get that final amount out, the can was not cooperating and instead just spraying empty aerosol at my head. Finally, I called it…. Read »

Are You Shutting Out The World In A Job Search?

Recently, I was flying back from a business trip, and noticed a young man seated in the row in front of me who had a brief conversation with a seat mate before we took off. After some quick introductions, it came out that he was looking for a job as he was working on his resume.  (Yes, I held my tongue as I am a professional resume writer!)   But as soon as the plane took off, he put on his headphones, and shut out the world for the rest of the 5 hour flight. And missed some great opportunities…. Read »

Endurance: What Are You Made Of?

Endurance matters. As my husband Brad always says: “Slow and steady wins the race.” And he’s right. In this fast-paced, instant-gratification world, there’s still one unbroken rule: Being constant.  This has a direct application to achieving your goals… We cannot ever get what we want by simply hitting the “easy” button. That button doesn’t exist. This past weekend, Brad and I went backpacking along Oregon’s scenic Rogue River. In 3 days, I hiked 48 miles carrying 31 pounds of gear on my back as we trekked across very rough terrain that undulated in 6,200 feet of elevation gains and losses…. Read »

Job Searches are Like Boulder-Hopping

Job searches can be a lot like boulder-hopping. Case in point: Last week, my husband and I took off on a backpacking adventure along California’s Lost Coast. It was a great trip, and we covered 26.8 miles that encompassed some breathtaking scenery in rugged territory literally dozens of miles from the nearest house. We were totally unplugged and off the proverbial grid. Some parts of the trail pushed out onto the beach, which is not as easy to navigate as you would think. The seaside ranged from easy-to-walk-on sand to deep sand, then to deep gravel, and finally, big rocks… Read »

Job Search Resources: The Whole World Is At Your Fingertips

Job search resources are more plentiful than you know.  Actually the whole world is at your fingertips if you can train yourself to think like a library operates. Many moons ago (we won’t discuss how many), I worked in my university’s library as part of my work-study program while in school. At the time, it was a somewhat interesting job working in the periodicals department, but I was at that age where I would have much rather spent my time lounging in the sun doing nothing.  C’est la vie. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that this… Read »

Job Search Success: You Gotta Keep Moving

Recently, I had to fly back to Atlanta, GA to help my dad while my stepmom was in the hospital. (Hence the lack of blog posts in the past month.) As the facility was 40 miles away, we did a lot of driving back and forth for visits, and to transport her to medical appointments. Each time we headed onto the Georgia interstate, there was a sign saying “Keep Moving” right on the on-ramp.  Seems sort of obvious to me that it made sense for traffic to keep moving, but I started thinking about how this sign should be present… Read »

Job Candidate Crazy: 15 Ways They Take Themselves Out

It’s a crowded job market these days, with many job candidates competing elbow-to-elbow for available jobs. But some folks do us all a favor… they are taking themselves out.  All by themselves. Here are some ways that some job candidates are revealing their inner crazy and turning off employers: 1)      Body odor.  Crazy factor:  Apparently raised in a cave, bathing is a novel concept to the job candidate. Along with fire and eating utensils. 2)      The opposite of body odor… Too much perfume / cologne.  Crazy factor:  They are self-obsessed and don’t care that they are gassing everyone else out… Read »

Don’t Be This LinkedIn User: Case Study of What NOT To Do

LinkedIn is an amazing networking resource, and you get to connect with an amazing array of individuals. The positive benefits far outweigh the negatives. But what one person did recently was so awful that it bore writing a blog post about it. As an open networker, I have no problem connecting to people. That’s what networking is all about… keeping your door open. So that means I say “yes” to a lot of requests to connect from people that I don’t know.  Sure, why not? It’s fun to get to know folks, and you never know where that connection might take… Read »

Standing At The Unemployment Threshold To Oblivion

Standing at the unemployment threshold to oblivion? Has your unemployment been going on for a while now and are starting to feel like the world is against you? It might just be true. Researchers report finding the first hard evidence of bias against the long-term unemployed. In 2011, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission conducted a study which found that people who were “unemployed 18 months or longer” were much less likely to be interviewed than someone with a much shorter time between jobs, according to HR Magazine (Jan. 2013). So why exactly do companies hesitate in taking a closer look… Read »