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The Magic Sauce To A Successful Career

Career managers take note: I’ll be the first to admit it: “My name is Dawn Rasmussen, and I am a recovering career control freak.” In my 20s, I had set ideas and goals that I was going to achieve by the time I hit 30. I came very close to achieving them, so of course, like most people, I set new, even more aggressive career objectives. ((Cue “Highway to Hell” music… )) Then life happened. Sometimes, I am convinced, that despite our better intentions, life throws us that curve ball that is a game-changer.  Maybe life has a different plan for… Read »

Hacking The Job Market

This guest post is generously provided by Chris Fields, MLHR.  Chris has 10 years’ experience in HR as a practitioner and consultant. He’s the Chief Blogger at CostofWork.com and regularly contributes to PerformanceICreate.com, SmartRecruiters.com, and Jobsite.com, and he’s a resume writer. You can connect to him on Twitter @new_resource or LinkedIn as well. What’s a hacker? The most traditional definition of a hacker is a person that cracks computer codes and programs. But nowadays, the term hacker is used to describe anyone that breaks down a difficult process and makes it more efficient and useful. Dawn R is a professional… Read »

Your Biggest Obstacle to a Job Search: YOU

It’s a tough job market out there.  What jobs exist are few and far between, and oftentimes, it seems like a never-ending case of chasing an elusive tiger’s tail in pursuing them. But given the fierce competition for these openings, if  you are constantly getting no responses to the countless applications and résumé submissions, instead of blaming everyone else and the economy, maybe it’s time you took a tough love look at yourself. Are you the one thing holding yourself back? Possibly. Here are some tough questions you might want to ask before sending in that next application: Is your… Read »

Boasting or Telling a Story That Shows Results?

This morning I met with a client who confided in me that she is not “used to boasting about herself” in her résumé, and that this entire exercise was very difficult for her.  Then she laughed uncomfortably. Too often, this is the case when people sit down to work on their most important career document. They DON’T feel comfortable about “boasting” about themselves. And that’s exactly the problem. They shouldn’t be boasting. Instead, they should be telling stories where they are the starring character.  If done correctly, these stories aren’t all about boasting. You are just telling a story that… Read »

Time to Put Your Job Search Up On the Rack for Inspection

Before we go on vacation, it’s always a good idea to take the car in and have the tires rotated, oil changed, and the brakes checked.   After all, you are putting a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle, and it is a good idea to do some maintaining to keep in good running order. Using this logic, it also makes sense to do a regular ‘tune-up’ on a job search to make sure everything is operating properly and in optimum condition. Here are some quick tips to assess how effective you are being in running an efficient, targeted… Read »

Why LinkedIn Matters In A Job Search

Want to elevate your credentials? LinkedIn can make a difference, and add a significant amount of gravitas to your professional background.  There are a lot of different resources out there that provide helpful tips on LinkedIn, but here are the top things you need to know why you should take LinkedIn seriously as a valid career tool with as much weight as your resume: 1.  Online presence. Nowadays, if your name doesn’t pop up on any online searches, it’s become almost a bad thing. Here’s what an employer thinks: If the candidate hasn’t done anything to get themselves out on the Internet, then it’s… Read »

Top 5 Job Search Killers To Avoid

Over the past few days, I’ve been contacted by a number of acquaintances looking for help in their job searches. Each of them is understandably distraught and desperate… it’s awful out there, and looking for work is an ego-bashing experience, especially when mortgages and bills are due. It’s very clear how terror can set in when not having a job could mean losing everything and ending out on the street. However, all of these panicky inquiries made to me have been totally unspecific on what they are looking for, and it’s been frustrating to me because I want to help but can’t, due to… Read »

Top 5 Things New Grads Aren’t Taught In School About Job Searches

This blog post is copyright Pathfinder Writing and Career Services. _____________________ Diploma? Check. Résumé? Check. Er, wait. Not so fast on that one. New graduates are facing one of the toughest job markets in history. What few jobs are open have literally hundreds of applicants, some of whom are vastly overqualified, putting newly minted workers at a marked disadvantage. One of the biggest problems grads face are their credentials. While career centers try to provide counseling to students on how to construct a compelling summary of their background that translates to the work world, many students aren’t listening or aren’t… Read »

Changing Landscape of Job History

Recently, I participated at a youth career expo where I had the opportunity to network with a number of human resource managers also volunteering at the event. We were sharing coffee before the event actually began, and an interesting discussion began about the number of jobs that people have, and how the HR or hiring managers might perceive that on an application. But before moving into the discussion that transpired, let’s set the scene that precipitated the exchange: On average, the typical high school student will have about 23 jobs in their entire lifetime; this can include the times when… Read »

Be In The Know: What Employers Are Not Allowed To Ask

This blog is copyright 2010 Pathfinder Writing and Career Services LLC http://www.pathfindercareers.com/ _________________________________ Right now, there are a lot of job seekers who have been out of work for awhile and are starting to get desperate. If you find yourself among them, there might be a certain threshold that you encounter during the job search process that could include an employer crossing a line, perhaps even asking a question that is inappropriate or illegal. So what do you do? On one hand, you desperately need the money and will practically do anything to get a job, any job, that pays… Read »