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Job Search Resources: The Whole World Is At Your Fingertips

Job search resources are more plentiful than you know.  Actually the whole world is at your fingertips if you can train yourself to think like a library operates. Many moons ago (we won’t discuss how many), I worked in my university’s library as part of my work-study program while in school. At the time, it was a somewhat interesting job working in the periodicals department, but I was at that age where I would have much rather spent my time lounging in the sun doing nothing.  C’est la vie. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that this… Read »

The Magic Sauce To A Successful Career

Career managers take note: I’ll be the first to admit it: “My name is Dawn Rasmussen, and I am a recovering career control freak.” In my 20s, I had set ideas and goals that I was going to achieve by the time I hit 30. I came very close to achieving them, so of course, like most people, I set new, even more aggressive career objectives. ((Cue “Highway to Hell” music… )) Then life happened. Sometimes, I am convinced, that despite our better intentions, life throws us that curve ball that is a game-changer.  Maybe life has a different plan for… Read »

Your Resume Format Matters… and Doesn’t

As a writer, I get a lot of questions about resume format. The advent of so many awesome career-related portfolio sites and easy-to-use graphic design tools has sparked an explosion of digitally interesting resumes and digital portfolios. Personally, I find these fascinating, simply because as humans, we are visual creatures and anything that is attention-getting helps candidates stand out from the crowd. And that is one of the main purposes of having a resume – to market oneself. Unconventional designs, info graphics  charts, and illustrations are all great. Heck, there was even one person who put their resume on a candy… Read »

Job References Gone Bad

Most people think about job references as a positive part of their career portfolio… but what happens when they end up hurting more than helping? Who you list and why you list is an important thing to consider. It goes without saying that you should always make sure that the people that you list are “fresh.” By this, I mean that people listed as your references should be ones who can speak most immediately and relevantly to your character, experience, knowledge, and skills. Never strategically evaluating your reference list can cause more harm than good, especially when you haven’t reached… Read »

Why Bad Resumes Are Like Holiday Fruitcakes

The other day, I was participating in a Twitter chat when someone complained about getting not just one, but FIVE fruitcakes this holiday season. And since December is just getting cranked up, this lucky fellow could potentially end up with a whole herd of fruitcakes crowding out the gifts under his Christmas tree. Instead of pondering big questions like, “How did this whole awful fruitcake thing get started in the first place?”, I started thinking about why we hate them so much… and oddly, how they compare so nicely to a real stinker of a resume. So with that in… Read »

Getting Past Job Search Fears

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Establishing yourself in the workplace or beginning the hunt for a new job is probably one of the scariest things you can ever do. Most people express a great deal of fear when faced with new opportunities. But it can also be one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences. We grow the most when we overcome things that we fear, and can learn new things about ourselves that can add dimension and depth to our character as well as our understanding of the world. Someone once told… Read »

Your Biggest Obstacle to a Job Search: YOU

It’s a tough job market out there.  What jobs exist are few and far between, and oftentimes, it seems like a never-ending case of chasing an elusive tiger’s tail in pursuing them. But given the fierce competition for these openings, if  you are constantly getting no responses to the countless applications and rĂ©sumĂ© submissions, instead of blaming everyone else and the economy, maybe it’s time you took a tough love look at yourself. Are you the one thing holding yourself back? Possibly. Here are some tough questions you might want to ask before sending in that next application: Is your… Read »

Buyer Trust: What Consumers Need To Know When Investing In Résumé Services

We have all been down that road before:  That moment when we realized that we were duped.  If you haven’t ever had someone pull a fast one on you before, then count yourself either extremely lucky or completely street-wise. But for the rest of us, being burned once makes us doubly careful the next time. I’m running into this as people who have been to other so-called rĂ©sumĂ© writers bounce over to me. They arrive after everything falls apart, yet it was clear that they failed to see the warning signs from the get-go. Here are some quick tips to… Read »

You Are What You Write: 10 Ways To Impress Everyone You Encounter

Job searches being what they are, you’re inevitably doing a lot of writing along the way.  There are cover letters and rĂ©sumĂ©s to write/tweak, emails to compose, and thank you notes to send out. During this process, however, many people get lazy. The sheer volume of what they are trying to do makes it very tempting to cut corners and make assumptions, when in fact, this is the last thing that should happen. It is more important than ever to pay special attention to every single facet of your writing as this is directly connected to your brand.  How you… Read »

Time to Eliminate Confusion: Call For Standardization Of Résumé Formats

People applying for jobs come in so many different facets in terms of what they offer in experience, skills, education, experience, and achievements that it is positively dazzling. One thing I have learned in the years that I have been working with clients is that EVERYONE offers an employer several valuable skills… but the difficulty lies (in the employers’ eyes) in finding the best fit for the position for which they are hiring. But there is a huge obstacle in the way.  Job applicants have a long way to go in understanding how to write their career credentials. Some of… Read »