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Secret to 2012 Success: Commitment

If you aren’t already subscribed to thought guru Seth Godin’s blog, I would highly recommend you do so. His short, to-the-point, and thought-provoking posts are momentary day-stoppers because they make you pause… and think.  I cannot even imagine what is going on in his mind at any given moment with so many pearls of wisdom floating around in there! But one recent post hit home particularly hard the other day… it was about planning versus committing.  On a personal note, I had been planning to write a book on career strategies for a whole year.  In fact, I had “planned”… Read »

Tis the Season for Giving: Be a Job Search Santa!

Ho ho ho!  The holidays are upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner. But unfortunately, many people aren’t feeling so jolly this holiday time simply because they still haven’t found work, which can be incredibly depressing during this time of gift giving. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s a few tips that will help you keep your head up and still enjoy the celebration. You can be a Job Search Santa, believe it or not, and here’s how you can still enjoy the spirit of the season… which is giving: 1)  Find a volunteer opportunity and give of your… Read »