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Networking With Someone You Don’t Like

Networking with someone you don’t like: We’ve all experienced it at one time or other.  True story: A connection recently introduced me  to another person who happened to be in town on business.  Shortly after the intro, the contact pinged me directly, and said she was interested in getting together. I was all for it. But something almost stopped me cold from accepting the invitation. You see, the person works at a company that I completely despise. The initial knee-jerk reaction I had was something akin to reacting to the devil himself.  If someone could have seen my face once… Read »

The Hidden Gold of Employee Referral Programs

Think of it as a bounty. A price on your head (as it were), and you don’t even know what that price is. But in truth… that doesn’t even matter. What DOES matter is how this program delivers results for you. What I am talking about are the smart and savvy companies that offer incentives to existing employees for referring top industry talent as suggestions as potential company new hires. The adage of “people hire who they know” rings ever true. By being engaged in your industry, building meaningful relationships and connections, and yes, even volunteering within your field or… Read »