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Interview Super Prep That Wins the Job

Interview super prep is taking what normal people do to prepare for an interview… and put it on steroids. Will you use all of the knowledge that you gain in the interview? Possibly not. But what you do gain is one thing: CONFIDENCE. Remember that adage that knowledge is power? It’s true in this interview super prep situation as well. When you take the time to review a target company’s complete profile, you will be much better versed to speak to virtually anything. I’m not saying you need to remember everything, but even glossing over some recent things can prove… Read »

The One Word That Can Shatter Your Career

There’s one word that can do more harm than any other when it comes to your career. Using it cuts the legs out from underneath your credibility. It is one that too many people use… and the trouble is that they don’t even know that they are using it. What is this powerful word? It’s the word “think.” As in, “I think I am capable of doing this…” Or, “This is a task I can do, I think.” Too many times when I am interviewing clients about their accomplishments or abilities, they will use “I think.” Really? You think… but… Read »

 Edging Out The Competition For A Job

Edging out the competition: What does it REALLY take? When it comes down to the wire, and there are two finalists for a job, what exactly is that “magic ingredient” that tips the scales in your favor over the other person? There are a lot of factors at work in the application process that are on every hiring manager’s checklist that can make the difference in edging out the competition. Let’s pull back the curtain and see what an employer is really looking for: A) Candidate meets job criteria B) Has relevant experience C) Cites specific examples demonstrating ability to… Read »

Getting No Response After Interviewing

Getting no response from an employer after an interview has to be one of most job seekers’ top pet peeves.  We’re talking crickets. The deafening sound of silence. That noise the television makes after the stations go off the air. Aggravating, isn’t it? There’s tons of advice out there on how to follow up. The first task you need to complete is to ask permission to follow up as one of the closing parts of the interview. Example:  “Thanks for taking the time today to meet with me to discuss this position.  I realize you are considering other candidates through… Read »

Career Success: Maybe They Were Born With It…

Maybe some people were born with career management – I saw a dramatic example of this recently that served to illustrate this point. Last week, I volunteered to conduct mock interviews at the NW Youth Career Expo, which is the largest job fair of its kind in the metro Portland area and attracts 5,200 students from across the regional area. This was my fourth time volunteering at the event, and I absolutely, positively love it. Why? Because this is the best place to get the first glimpse of the future workforce and how they are approaching career management. Many of… Read »

Stephen Colbert: Have Fun In Interviews

Earlier this week, I flew back to New Jersey to give a presentation, and came in early to spend a few days in New York City to soak up some culture. What was originally going to be personal time ended up being a busy work trip filled with meetings with business contacts, recruiters, and social media community managers.  No matter; I was delighted at the prospect of meeting these folks in real life after connecting via social media.  It’s the personal connection that cements any kind of business relationship, and social media makes these in-person meetings possible whereas our paths… Read »

Authenticity Has To Be Real In A Job Search

Be yourself… “fake it ‘til you make it” simply doesn’t fly in today’s economy. Employers are getting more sophisticated and able to sniff out smoke screens from lesser qualified applicants trying to puff themselves up to something that they aren’t. Focus on being the best you that you can be in the interview, but don’t be a chameleon and change your stripes so much that you can’t recognize yourself from one job interview to the next. By being true to your authentic self, you’ll connect better with those who are interviewing you, and you won’t have to worry about covering… Read »

Who’s Driving The Interview Bus?

So, who is exactly in control during the actual interview? Did you guess the employer? Wrong. You BOTH are in control. Most job applicants mentally hand over all the power in a job search to the prospective employer, being that they (the employer) has something that the candidate wants (the job). It’s easy to think that the target company is the sole decision maker as to whether they hire that person or not. This is a dangerous attitude to take, because in essence, you are effectively handing over the power of the situation to someone else, when in fact, you… Read »

Preparing For An Interview Is Also A Proactive Process

Many times, we don’t consciously think about what we need to do to prepare for an interview until we get the call that an employer wants to talk to us about a job opening. Then all hell breaks loose. It’s a mad scramble to pull together documents and read up about a company to be as up-to-speed as possible before heading in. Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most difficult steps in the entire job search process. But as a person who actively manages your career, your goal is to be keeping those target companies within your sights for much… Read »

Articulating Why Someone Should Hire You Is A Game Changer

One of the first and most critical steps of starting the career management process is for each of us to take ownership of why employers should consider hiring us. In all likelihood, this is a reasonable interview question you might get thrown in your direction: “Why should we hire you?” Most people have a tough time answering this question. The root cause? This could be one instance where we really can blame our parents. From our childhood, we’ve been taught not to boast, and our parents always encouraged us to always be modest about our accomplishments lest we become braggarts…. Read »