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Preparing For An Interview Is Also A Proactive Process

Many times, we don’t consciously think about what we need to do to prepare for an interview until we get the call that an employer wants to talk to us about a job opening. Then all hell breaks loose. It’s a mad scramble to pull together documents and read up about a company to be as up-to-speed as possible before heading in. Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most difficult steps in the entire job search process. But as a person who actively manages your career, your goal is to be keeping those target companies within your sights for much… Read »

Being Proactive Means Being Forearmed

When was the last time you interviewed? Has it been awhile? Or do your palms immediately turn sweaty even THINKING about going into an interview? Take some of the pain out of this process by proactively rehearsing your answers to those questions before going into the interview, and keep an eye to what your accomplishments have been at your previous employer(s). Do as much research as you can about the target company, so that when you walk into the interview, you are grounded on your background, understand the types of questions that they might throw at you, and have done… Read »

Articulating Why Someone Should Hire You Is A Game Changer

One of the first and most critical steps of starting the career management process is for each of us to take ownership of why employers should consider hiring us. In all likelihood, this is a reasonable interview question you might get thrown in your direction: “Why should we hire you?” Most people have a tough time answering this question. The root cause? This could be one instance where we really can blame our parents. From our childhood, we’ve been taught not to boast, and our parents always encouraged us to always be modest about our accomplishments lest we become braggarts…. Read »

Why Salary and Job Negotiation is Like Buying A New Car

Two years ago, I bought a new car.  I was pretty excited, because it was the first one I had purchased in about 5 years – we all know that giddy feeling!  All the new bells and whistles looked especially shiny, and I was pretty stoked about having such a sweet ride with all the new technology add-ons. But unfortunately, something bad happened along the way to happy car ownership. The vehicle ended up being a complete and utter lemon. I kept making the 40-minute round trip back to the dealer trying to get the problems fixed, but to no avail. Frustrated,… Read »