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Be Careful About How Much Résumé Info You Post Online

Exactly how much contact information should a person should list on their résumé? Some say that human resource managers won’t accept résumés that have no address listed because it could ‘conceal’ something. Others in the industry indicate that it is becoming more common to list only a contact number and name when posting a résumé on the Internet, in order to avoid identity fraud and safeguard personal privacy. Interestingly enough, a colleague even mentioned this possibility: “Employers can even look up where you live and determine the value of your home through zillow.com or the local tax assessor. They can… Read »

A Caution About Job Ads

Due to turbulent economic times, many people are getting laid off or looking for survival jobs to weather the storm. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is that very mindset that can make unsuspecting job seekers prey to bad-intentioned people. A word to the wise: Be careful about responding to complete blind-box job ads that do not provide any information about the company, the type of business they are in and does not provide any location information as to where the company does business. Be exceptionally wary of job postings that basically have very thin information about what… Read »