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Human Resources Networking: How to do it right

Recently, a friend emailed and asked if I knew anything about “courting” human resources folks during the initial job hiring process. Great topic and, of course, a splendid blog post idea. Too many times, external candidates look at human resources as the ENEMY who is tasked to weed the pile down. The truth, actually, is that human resources can be a great advocate, if you play your cards right. It’s all in your methodology in approaching the human resources person. Here are some tips that will help you with networking and cultivating the human resource contacts at target companies to… Read »

Career Mojo: Who’s Got It; Who Doesn’t

Anyone who has been in a supervisory position or in a human resource role can relate to this: They usually know right away who is going to go far in their career… and who isn’t. I’ve seen a lot of this lately especially in younger workers (the fabled Gen Y) and can clearly identify those who are going to be those wonderful success stories in their careers… maybe not right now, but they will be at some point in their lives. There’s just something about them. But what is that magic elixir that separates the super stars out from the… Read »

Annual Reviews: What To Do When Your Boss Isn’t Giving You One

In talking to many clients, it is becoming extremely clear that many employers are failing to provide any kind of annual performance evaluation to employees. This is a dangerous practice simply because it leaves how you are actually doing your job subject to different interpretations. From a business standpoint, this can be a liability because if they suddenly decide to terminate the employee, if there isn’t documentation (i.e. performance review demonstrating that the staff member isn’t fulfilling the duties and expectations of the position. It could lead to possible litigation if the employee decides to take legal action if they… Read »

Companies Lose Brand Momentum When Handling Employee Departures Poorly

The other night, a couple of girlfriends and I got together to have an after-work walk, with drinks following afterwards to chat about work and life in general. One of them recently just left a business to take a job at a different company and was filling us in on the details of her new position. But then she paused. And provided a startling insight that many businesses often overlook… which is very shocking. At her previous employer, no one (still) has not bothered to check voice mails being left at her old extension, NOR on the business cell phone… Read »

Time to Eliminate Confusion: Call For Standardization Of Résumé Formats

People applying for jobs come in so many different facets in terms of what they offer in experience, skills, education, experience, and achievements that it is positively dazzling. One thing I have learned in the years that I have been working with clients is that EVERYONE offers an employer several valuable skills… but the difficulty lies (in the employers’ eyes) in finding the best fit for the position for which they are hiring. But there is a huge obstacle in the way.  Job applicants have a long way to go in understanding how to write their career credentials. Some of… Read »

An Open Letter to College and University Career Centers

Hi there.  You haven’t met me yet… but I and a whole lot of people would like to make your job a lot easier. We know you are overworked. Understaffed. Not to mention totally stressed out. And with a best guess, most definitely underpaid. After all, your job requires being a resource to each graduation year ranging in size from 500 at the smallest to several thousand students. And quite honestly, that is one tough task… hats are off to the career center staff for pulling it off, year in and year out.  And believe it or not, there are… Read »

The Tokyo Electric Company’s Human Resources Company Dilemma

As the tragic events in Japans continue to unfold, there is an untold story going on, from a human resources perspective, that most of us probably won’t ever have a glimpse into in order to understand the complex conversations taking place.  The Toyko Electric Power Company, in a desperate bid to try to regain stability and hopefully control over their crippled reactors, has returned nuclear plant technicians back to the facility, which inevitably means that they will be exposed to fluctuating levels of radioactivity, some of which could end up being lethal.  I can’t even imagine what that human resources… Read »

The Real Reason Some Employers and Applicants Stink at Interviewing

We’ll tackle both of these groups in this article in a moment, but first, let’s think about your career history. Have you ever bombed an interview? Or, have you had an experience where the people on the other side of the table made you want to run away from the job, based on their behavior / dynamics? What about this gem: Ever walked into an interview only to see the interviewers obviously scrambling at the last minute trying to skim your rĂ©sumé… giving the impression they haven’t even looked at it until you sat down? Chances are, you have. Let… Read »

Company Culture: 6 Tips On How You Can Plug In

Talk to any career or human resource professional, and you’ll likely get a wide range of definitions. However, one thing holds absolutely true no matter what: Company culture can define a business. Companies that have a positive work brand presence attract people who want to work for them. You’ve seen those examples on the news: Google has playrooms and goof-off space. Nike has a large campus and gym with a giant track surrounding it. Ooooo. Sweeeeeeeet! Wouldn’t it be great to work at those companies? But let’s take a little closer look at what company culture really means. Companies who… Read »

Counter Offers: 7 Reasons to Just Say "NO"

This blog post is generously provided by Connie Dorigan, president of Dorigan & Associates, a high-tech talent recruiting firm. _______________________________ Congratulations! You’ve managed to hold on to your job through the “Great Recession” and are feeling fortunate to be employed… and indeed you are. But recently, you started exploring the job market just to see what is out there. Then, lo and behold, you run across a position with a company that is everything you’ve ever wanted…more pay, good management, exciting products, and tons of upside potential. After going through the application and interview process, and after a lot of careful consideration, you… Read »