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Don’t Lie In Your Résumé… But Don’t Tell the Truth, Either

The other day, I was talking to a recruiting friend of mine who is especially known for his candor about talent acquisition issues, and we were comparing notes about our résumé frustrations. As a career industry professional, I advise clients to NEVER lie on a résumé. Yet many people abandon the truth and move into uncharted areas of creative fiction when it comes to discussing their career background. And believe me, they come up with some incredible whoppers. But as a résumé writer, I am not there to act as a judge/jury to my client’s work history.  My work does… Read »

The Dangerous Minefield of Modifying Previous Job Titles

True confession time: Did you ever ‘tweak’ a job title on your résumé because the title you worked under didn’t quite fit the work that you were doing? The truth is (and I’ve seen this a lot with clients as a résumé writer), many people have done at least some ‘creative job title engineering’ at some point… the fear of being caught diminishes simply as time has worn on, and as that particular job record slides further back into history, and the inhibitions to keep to the facts sometimes wear off as job seekers try to provide a more accurate… Read »