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When Is The Right Time To Quit a Job?

We all know that song made famous by Johnny Paycheck, “Take this Job and Shove It,” and many of us have fantasized about marching into the tyrannical boss’ office and telling them in no uncertain terms that they can take a long walk off of a short pier. Common sense prevails, though, and most of the time, we silently suffer in hostile and often toxic workplaces simply because we need the money or benefits. So that begs the question: Is there ever a right time to quit a job? It depends, say experts. But one thing you never want to… Read »

Counter Offers: 7 Reasons to Just Say "NO"

This blog post is generously provided by Connie Dorigan, president of Dorigan & Associates, a high-tech talent recruiting firm. _______________________________ Congratulations! You’ve managed to hold on to your job through the “Great Recession” and are feeling fortunate to be employed… and indeed you are. But recently, you started exploring the job market just to see what is out there. Then, lo and behold, you run across a position with a company that is everything you’ve ever wanted…more pay, good management, exciting products, and tons of upside potential. After going through the application and interview process, and after a lot of careful consideration, you… Read »