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The Power of Visualization

One of the most valuable career tips someone shared with me long ago (her initials are D.H.) when I was applying for a job at Travel Portland was this simple idea: When you walk into the job interview, try to get a glimpse of the desk that you will be sitting at, and then visualize yourself sitting there, working away. If you can do that, you’ve already created a powerful image of what is possible, and can transform your confidence from a “Can I?” to “I can!” This advice has resonated throughout my life and helped me get through countless… Read »

Not Everyone Is A Rock Star At Work. And That’s OK.

Career professionals are always advising job seekers that they need to always try to quantify their results and showcase their top achievements. But oftentimes, when I talk to clients, something that comes up in discussions is that they frequently don’t feel like they are a rock star that has super-stand out accomplishments. What I hear is: “I just show up every day and do my job right.” “My job isn’t very important – I just answer the phones.” “We met the goals – didn’t exceed them due to the economy, but we met the goals anyway.” “My job doesn’t have… Read »