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Exiting a Job… with Class

As most people know, your career reputation follows you everywhere. How you conduct yourself on and off the job matters, but one area that is especially tricky is when you are leaving the company. Whether you are moving on to your dream job, or if you suddenly got handed a pink slip, you need to conduct yourself by leaving on a high note, no matter what the reason is for exiting a job. Why? Well, if you always do right, then you never have to worry about explaining a potentially awkward or uncomfortable situation in future career discussions. You also… Read »

When Job Costs Outweigh the Pay

Jobs costs can sink you. Seems like I have heard from several people lately seeking advice about what to do when a work situation has become intolerable. The boss is a tyrant, or an evil co-worker is constantly waiting behind a cubicle to back stab you, or even, the work load is so overwhelming that it haunts you day… and night. This is the point where you need to step back for the proverbial reality check. How much is all this stress, anxiety, worry, covering your bee-hind, etc. etc. actually costing you? Is a bad job worth the cost of… Read »

Starting Your Own Business: Do You Have What It Takes?

Starting your own business is both harder and easier than you think. With recent news reports indicating that joblessness and unemployment have returned to the top of most American’s concerns, and many experts saying that some jobs will simply never return, the prospect of never again finding employment in a specific career field has become a very real specter to many job seekers. So let’s throw in the wildcard: If you can’t find a job working for someone else, what’s stopping you from starting your own business and working for yourself? There are a billion things to consider. Personally, I… Read »

Mailing Addresses on Résumés: Include or Not?

Mailing addresses – who’d thunk? I think I just stepped into a veritable cow pie. The Society of Human Resources Management has a LinkedIn group where HR pros discuss a variety of topics. One recent post caught my attention:  “Why you must include mailing addresses on the resume.” Human resource professionals and recruiters weighed in with their opinions. Here’s a short overview of some of the perspectives that were offered: Pros of listing mailing addresses: Allows employers to mail important documents to applicant. If the employer is going to screen you out based on where you live, you probably don’t… Read »

Job Candidate Crazy: 15 Ways They Take Themselves Out

It’s a crowded job market these days, with many job candidates competing elbow-to-elbow for available jobs. But some folks do us all a favor… they are taking themselves out.  All by themselves. Here are some ways that some job candidates are revealing their inner crazy and turning off employers: 1)      Body odor.  Crazy factor:  Apparently raised in a cave, bathing is a novel concept to the job candidate. Along with fire and eating utensils. 2)      The opposite of body odor… Too much perfume / cologne.  Crazy factor:  They are self-obsessed and don’t care that they are gassing everyone else out… Read »

Job Length: How Long is Long Enough?

What is the best job length of time? I get this question a lot. The answer: It depends. Recently, industry experts revealed on Bloomberg News that the average job length only lasts 3.68 years. Wow. The era of having a job length that stretched from when you graduated until you retire is long gone. The workforce is now dominated by agile, quick learners who get bored easily and want more challenges. It’s not so much about upward mobility now, but more about intellectual stimulation. But from an employer’s perspective, this requires a complete overhaul on how they think about managing… Read »

Employ Yourself… But Know The Pitfalls As Well As Benefits

Taking the leap to employ yourself can be a solution to an endless job search. While the economy is continuing to grow and employers are cautiously hiring more employees, the level of jobs still hasn’t reached pre-recession levels. That means a lot of people who used to have jobs are still out of work… Either they are still looking, or have given up altogether. Statistics show that many great companies were born in the ashes of languishing economic times, and many people get tired of waiting to be hired… so they start their own company or launch a consulting agency…. Read »