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Getting No Response After Interviewing

Getting no response from an employer after an interview has to be one of most job seekers’ top pet peeves.  We’re talking crickets. The deafening sound of silence. That noise the television makes after the stations go off the air. Aggravating, isn’t it? There’s tons of advice out there on how to follow up. The first task you need to complete is to ask permission to follow up as one of the closing parts of the interview. Example:  “Thanks for taking the time today to meet with me to discuss this position.  I realize you are considering other candidates through… Read »

Companies Lose Brand Momentum When Handling Employee Departures Poorly

The other night, a couple of girlfriends and I got together to have an after-work walk, with drinks following afterwards to chat about work and life in general. One of them recently just left a business to take a job at a different company and was filling us in on the details of her new position. But then she paused. And provided a startling insight that many businesses often overlook… which is very shocking. At her previous employer, no one (still) has not bothered to check voice mails being left at her old extension, NOR on the business cell phone… Read »

The Tokyo Electric Company’s Human Resources Company Dilemma

As the tragic events in Japans continue to unfold, there is an untold story going on, from a human resources perspective, that most of us probably won’t ever have a glimpse into in order to understand the complex conversations taking place.  The Toyko Electric Power Company, in a desperate bid to try to regain stability and hopefully control over their crippled reactors, has returned nuclear plant technicians back to the facility, which inevitably means that they will be exposed to fluctuating levels of radioactivity, some of which could end up being lethal.  I can’t even imagine what that human resources… Read »

The Real Reason Some Employers and Applicants Stink at Interviewing

We’ll tackle both of these groups in this article in a moment, but first, let’s think about your career history. Have you ever bombed an interview? Or, have you had an experience where the people on the other side of the table made you want to run away from the job, based on their behavior / dynamics? What about this gem: Ever walked into an interview only to see the interviewers obviously scrambling at the last minute trying to skim your résumé… giving the impression they haven’t even looked at it until you sat down? Chances are, you have. Let… Read »

Is There A “Good” Way To Lay Someone Off? Employers Should At Least Try, But Most Seemingly Don’t.

In an era of people going ‘postal’ in the workplace as an expression of their anger / frustration or as a result of multitude of personal emotional problems, most companies have adopted fairly rigid layoff procedures as a precaution against such radical behavior. The problem is that these layoff tactics, including the element of surprise then banishment seemingly comes straight from the cold, empty heart of a lawyer who has no connection to the relationships that a company has with its workers. Many of these employees have put in countless hours, poured their heart and soul into doing a good job,… Read »

Be In The Know: What Employers Are Not Allowed To Ask

This blog is copyright 2010 Pathfinder Writing and Career Services LLC http://www.pathfindercareers.com/ _________________________________ Right now, there are a lot of job seekers who have been out of work for awhile and are starting to get desperate. If you find yourself among them, there might be a certain threshold that you encounter during the job search process that could include an employer crossing a line, perhaps even asking a question that is inappropriate or illegal. So what do you do? On one hand, you desperately need the money and will practically do anything to get a job, any job, that pays… Read »