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Job Searches are a Team Effort

Job searches are a team effort. When one partner or spouse gets axed, the whole team has to jump into action. Case in point: One of the best parts of writing this blog is having a real-life example literally write the story for itself. However, this one is personal. Real personal. And isn’t so easy to write, this time. And yes, it is about job searches. On Monday, I was watering the garden after work when my husband got home. “I’ve got some bad news,” he ventured. “Okay….,” I replied… waiting for the shoe to drop. “I’m getting laid off.”… Read »

Creating a Job Search Plan and Strategy

For some people, the loss of employment becomes completely debilitating as well as demoralizing. Consider the fact that most people spend the greater portion of their time during the day functioning in the workplace, it is easy to start associating our personal self-identity with our work and career. When the paradigm shifts, however, and suddenly that major part of our lives is no longer there, a person experiences grief, sadness, despair, loss of self-esteem, and yes, even sometimes panic. Given the uncertain economic times, there’s even more to fear about what it is going to take to survive, let alone… Read »