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How To Make Internships Translate to Potential Employers

Talk to any successful business person and ask them about how they got their career start, and you’ll more than likely get a wistful look in their eye as they recall an internship that made a significant impact on their lives. That’s all well and good, but what is the real trick to making sure your internship doesn’t turn into the “making coffee and running copies” dreaded drudgery? The truth is that what your internships turns into rests on you. But there is a real secret to making these internships truly meaningful. You can make out of it as much… Read »

Hiring Discrimination Exists Whether Employers Admit It Or Not

Yesterday, I was participating in YouTern‘s radio show discussing what students should know about resumes and job searches when we got a caller from North Carolina. As a career center adviser for a college, she wanted to know how to equip students in handling employer stereotyping and discrimination. Many of the students she was working with made it to the interview stage, but encountered racism and discrimination that ended up in them not getting the nod to be hired. What an absolutely life-crushing moment. Students emerge from school absolutely idealistic about the opportunities in front of them, only to have… Read »

Never Underestimate The Power of Learning Opportunities

Whew! I have been on the road for the past 9 days – part of my time away was spent visiting my dad who lives cross-country in Atlanta, and the other part attending an industry conference.  Nothing like killing two birds with one stone! But I wanted to share one of the most important takeaways that came out of going to this conference: there are ALWAYS opportunities to learn… even when you aren’t expecting it.  Even after you paid for the privilege.    Opportunities to learn are in abundance. They are everywhere and can be in the shape of anyone that crosses… Read »

An Open Letter to College and University Career Centers

Hi there.  You haven’t met me yet… but I and a whole lot of people would like to make your job a lot easier. We know you are overworked. Understaffed. Not to mention totally stressed out. And with a best guess, most definitely underpaid. After all, your job requires being a resource to each graduation year ranging in size from 500 at the smallest to several thousand students. And quite honestly, that is one tough task… hats are off to the career center staff for pulling it off, year in and year out.  And believe it or not, there are… Read »

Top 7 Survival Tips For New Grads In The Workplace

For most traditional new graduates, moving from the school world into the workplace is a huge culture shock. They are going from an environment where everyone has been the same age and generational outlook to a suddenly diverse social environment with people of all ages and backgrounds present. Learning the ropes of a new job, mastering the social ladder of a workplace, and in general, trying to figure out  business etiquette can be pretty frustrating to new workers. Here are some tips for new grads on navigating their bold new venture in the work world: 1) Be patient.  Today’s graduates are used to the… Read »

10 Bullet-Proof Job Search Strategy Tips

Well-known fact: Job searching and being unemployed can be one of the most discouraging and ego-smashing things a person could ever experience. Rejection is common, and there is a tendency to end up in a very unhappy place. Then, there’s the chaos. If you’ve previously been working for most of your career in a full-time position, you’re used to have the structure and routine to each day. Being out of work, you find yourself in a drifting miasma of what do I do today? And with summer around the corner, it’s very tempting to blow off the job search and… Read »

Top 5 Things New Grads Aren’t Taught In School About Job Searches

This blog post is copyright Pathfinder Writing and Career Services. _____________________ Diploma? Check. RĂ©sumĂ©? Check. Er, wait. Not so fast on that one. New graduates are facing one of the toughest job markets in history. What few jobs are open have literally hundreds of applicants, some of whom are vastly overqualified, putting newly minted workers at a marked disadvantage. One of the biggest problems grads face are their credentials. While career centers try to provide counseling to students on how to construct a compelling summary of their background that translates to the work world, many students aren’t listening or aren’t… Read »

Properly Listing Education on a Résumé

Oftentimes, I see some awkward management of how people list their education on their rĂ©sumĂ©. Here are some tips and tricks to help effectively convey your investment into your educational career to prospective employers: 1) Understand what constitutes education. The EDUCATION section of a resume actually is composed of two parts: your formal schooling (with an accredited institution), and then everything else, which should be listed under a separate subheader (not ‘training’, ‘coursework’ or ‘classes’) called “Professional Development.” “Professional Development” constitutes any kind of educational coursework that you’ve taken that enhances/updates your knowledge, hones your skills, and helps you do… Read »

Listing Education on a Résumé

So you’ve gone to the time, expense and effort to complete some aspect of formal education. Or maybe you started to work on this, but then inevitably, life happened… had to take a job to pay the bills, got married, had kids, moved, etc. etc. There’s a universe of things that life can throw at you that can interrupt even the most well-intentioned plans for education. There are some rules of thumb out there when listing education on a rĂ©sumĂ© which should be considered. 1. DON’T list the year you graduated. Unless you are in an education, government, scientific or… Read »