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Performance Under Pressure… What Are YOU Really Made Of?

I just got back from speaking at a global educational conference – overall, the experience was incredible with amazing programs and powerful educational tracks. This was my 4th time attending as a presenter, yet I felt that I walked away from the conference having learned just as much as I had shared. However, there was a bigger lesson afoot here at this conference that I could not have anticipated. During my own presentation, the projector used for my PowerPoint started flickering ominously before I even took the stage. Not a good sign. Normally, I can give a presentation without slides,… Read »

Never Underestimate The Power of Learning Opportunities

Whew! I have been on the road for the past 9 days – part of my time away was spent visiting my dad who lives cross-country in Atlanta, and the other part attending an industry conference. ¬†Nothing like killing two birds with one stone! But I wanted to share one of the most important takeaways that came out of going to this conference: there are ALWAYS opportunities to learn… even when you aren’t expecting it. ¬†Even after you paid for the¬†privilege. ¬† ¬†Opportunities to learn are in abundance. They are everywhere¬†and can be in the shape of anyone that crosses… Read »