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An Open Letter to College and University Career Centers

Hi there.  You haven’t met me yet… but I and a whole lot of people would like to make your job a lot easier. We know you are overworked. Understaffed. Not to mention totally stressed out. And with a best guess, most definitely underpaid. After all, your job requires being a resource to each graduation year ranging in size from 500 at the smallest to several thousand students. And quite honestly, that is one tough task… hats are off to the career center staff for pulling it off, year in and year out.  And believe it or not, there are… Read »

Top 7 Survival Tips For New Grads In The Workplace

For most traditional new graduates, moving from the school world into the workplace is a huge culture shock. They are going from an environment where everyone has been the same age and generational outlook to a suddenly diverse social environment with people of all ages and backgrounds present. Learning the ropes of a new job, mastering the social ladder of a workplace, and in general, trying to figure out  business etiquette can be pretty frustrating to new workers. Here are some tips for new grads on navigating their bold new venture in the work world: 1) Be patient.  Today’s graduates are used to the… Read »