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The Secret Second Life of Your Career

The secret second life of your career? What does this mean? Let me preface this explanation with this background thought: All of us have experienced a path of our own choosing to arrive where we are currently. Circumstances and people have helped sway and bend the shape of that route, but ultimately, we are the ones who have made decisions that led up to present circumstances. When first starting out, there were a lot of questions in our mind. “Do I know how to do the job?” “Can I do the job?” “Do others trust me to do the job?”… Read »

Time Travel Career Advice: What I Would Tell My New Graduate Self

Time travel career advice would be an oh-so-hot hot commodity if it were remotely possible. If only we could turn back time (ala Cher), oh, the mistakes we could avoid, the smarter decisions we could make, and even, different career paths we might even find ourselves following. But it is what it is. I am where I am now because of those twists and turns. And quite frankly, I can’t regret it because the road I’ve taken has been paved with risks and rewards, and has led to an amazing life for which I am eternally grateful for having the… Read »

Treating Others Badly Will Hurt Only One Person… You

Treating others can come back to haunt you. Late in February, a firestorm erupted online. You may have already heard about this as many media outlets and people on social media worldwide started discussing it as a stunning example of unspeakable arrogance. The situation: The head of the Cleveland job bank, Kelly Blazek, responded to a job seeker’s very reasonable email request to connect to her group… with a scathing and battering reply.  Personally, my heart aches for the young careerist (and anyone else who reached out to Ms. Blazek who was treated with the same reaction). Do you remember… Read »

Wanna Get Ahead? Think Towards the Future But Act In The Moment

“Distance is not measured by how far the eye can see, but rather, how far you move your foot.” – Think about how this works to get ahead in your career! This thought came to me this weekend in Central Oregon, while peering up at the summit of South Sister mountain which towered overhead at 10,358 feet. And was my hiking destination that day. It sure looked a long way up there, and as someone not particularly fond of heights, my palms started sweating at the sheer steepness I was going to be going up very soon.  It seemed darned… Read »

Fitting Into A New Company

Just like breaking in a new car, there’s that “honeymoon” period after you start your first day that requires extra special care and attention. You can’t hit the gas too hard otherwise you risk spinning out of control and skidding out of the lines, even before you know where the lane markers are. Smart career managers realize that it takes a delicate balance of assertively stepping up to job tasks and gaining the respect of co-workers and counterparts while carefully navigating around unknown landmines which could blow up right underneath their feet. Treading carefully and quietly is the savviest career move you can make… Read »

Career Mojo: Who’s Got It; Who Doesn’t

Anyone who has been in a supervisory position or in a human resource role can relate to this: They usually know right away who is going to go far in their career… and who isn’t. I’ve seen a lot of this lately especially in younger workers (the fabled Gen Y) and can clearly identify those who are going to be those wonderful success stories in their careers… maybe not right now, but they will be at some point in their lives. There’s just something about them. But what is that magic elixir that separates the super stars out from the… Read »