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Exploring the Career Ladder

Career ladders are gateways to opportunity. Every company has different career opportunities- whether it means moving up or making lateral transfers. Understanding what your next move might be at a company is critical to your career. So knowing what is available can help you develop a targeted plan on whether you will stay at the company with a specific career move in mind, or if it is time to look beyond your current employer. Assessing the landscape to know what your company’s career ladder puts you within reach of your desired targets means that you need to start paying attention… Read »

Exit Plans: Know How To Leave a Job

Exit plans : Do you have one? Think of a time when you accepted a job knowing that it wasn’t the right job, but it was “A” job that at least meant income was coming in. During the recession, this was the reality of many people’s job searches.  Jobs were scarce and they were struggling to find work.. a job, any job. But even if you were one of the lucky ones who landed a job that was actually within your target parameters, smart career managers had already hatched their exit plans for their new job. So this begs the… Read »

Don’t Achieve the “Peter Principle” in Your Career

The Peter Principle. It’s a real thing. Don’t know what it is? Basically, it is the concept that people get promoted to the highest level of their own incompetence. In simple terms, you could be the top sales person who gets promoted to director of sales as a reward… because you are doing so awesome in sales. Chaos then ensues as when you screw everything up because you suck at managing people. Sales you can do. Managing you cannot. Congratulations: You have just met the Peter Principle. Unfortunately, the Peter Principle happens a lot in the workplace.  Bosses want to… Read »

Never Undersell Yourself… Ever

Never undersell yourself.  I know it is difficult sometimes because many job seekers are constantly having to shift their tactics to try and align their backgrounds as closely as possible to position openings. Oftentimes, they find that they might seem overqualified to the prospective employer, and therefore, for the lack of a better description, “dumb down” their rĂ©sumĂ© in an effort to not come across as strongly. But if you have resorted to these tactics previously, consider these potential career setbacks: You could put yourself back financially by going for a lesser position with equally lesser pay which can mean… Read »

Job Search: Quit Banging Your Head Against the Wall

This is a story about hairspray. Well, not really. But it serves as a great metaphor for a job search. This morning, as I was getting ready, I was exhausting the last little bit of the hairspray can as I readied my hair. You know that moment- when you are shaking the can, trying to get the spray nozzle to empty that last annoying spritz that you can hear jiggling inside. As much as I wanted to get that final amount out, the can was not cooperating and instead just spraying empty aerosol at my head. Finally, I called it…. Read »

Wanna Get Ahead? Think Towards the Future But Act In The Moment

“Distance is not measured by how far the eye can see, but rather, how far you move your foot.” – Think about how this works to get ahead in your career! This thought came to me this weekend in Central Oregon, while peering up at the summit of South Sister mountain which towered overhead at 10,358 feet. And was my hiking destination that day. It sure looked a long way up there, and as someone not particularly fond of heights, my palms started sweating at the sheer steepness I was going to be going up very soon.  It seemed darned… Read »

Value Proposition: So What Makes You So Special?

Most of us go about our daily work lives doing what we have been hired to do, and rarely pause to give thought to what the actual value proposition is of all that work. And there lies the problem. If we don’t consciously think about the value proposition that we offer, how does that impact our career? Big time. Let me count the ways… 1)       Salary increases. If we don’t know the value proposition of what we do, how do we expect to make a business case to the boss for the raise that we feel that… Read »