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Age Discrimination – Ultimate Fight-Back Guide

Age discrimination quick test:  What do these words all have in common? “Fit, vibrant, energetic, stamina, enthusiastic, ambitious, progressive, forward-thinking, adopter of new technology, recent graduate, passionate, motivated, growth, willing to learn, dynamic, adaptable, fresh, inspired, quick-reacting, ability to think on feet, bring a new rejuvenation…” Hint: For more mature workers, it’s meant to not describe you. In essence, this is just a sample of random “code words” used by employers in job announcements to try and deter more mature professionals from applying by using terms usually reserved to describe younger workers. Read between the lines, and these jobs are… Read »

Hiring Discrimination Exists Whether Employers Admit It Or Not

Yesterday, I was participating in YouTern‘s radio show discussing what students should know about resumes and job searches when we got a caller from North Carolina. As a career center adviser for a college, she wanted to know how to equip students in handling employer stereotyping and discrimination. Many of the students she was working with made it to the interview stage, but encountered racism and discrimination that ended up in them not getting the nod to be hired. What an absolutely life-crushing moment. Students emerge from school absolutely idealistic about the opportunities in front of them, only to have… Read »

Top Five Things That Can Kill a Résumé

The rĂ©sumĂ© is a strategic document. There’s a reason behind the way that it is structured and what is included so you can effectively convey your value to prospective employers. However, there are several things that can absolutely torpedo your rĂ©sumĂ© if you aren’t aware of them. Here are some pitfalls to avoid: 1) Accidentally revealing your age. You need to neutralize your resume so you don’t tip your hand on how old you are… both new entrants to the workplace and more mature workers struggle with this issue, and plenty of employers out there have misconceptions about what each… Read »

Fighting Age Discrimination – Tips for New Workers and Mature Workers

Let’s say you’ve been a dynamic student at your high school, and have a volunteering portfolio that would be the envy of many professionals currently on the job market. Graduation is just a few months away, and you’re looking to the future and your first job. You send rĂ©sumĂ© after rĂ©sumĂ© out, with no results. Or… what if you are a mid-level manager who has been in the workplace more than 20 years, and have a work history listed going back 25 years. Same feedback… no interviews. What is exactly going on here? And more importantly, if this sounds like… Read »