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Top Thing Most People Forget To Include In Their Résumé

Every day as a résumé writer, I work with clients and gather background materials for their projects.   People fill out a worksheet plus send me their most recent version of their résumé with an updated work history. And you know what? I’ve noticed a rather startling trend. There are a whole lot of people missing the boat on one particular item that they either forget to include or stick down at the very bottom of the document… almost as an after thought. Can you guess what it is? Give up? It’s the notable achievements section.  Yes. Really. I’m talking about the… Read »

Résumés Are Not Obituaries

One of the most common mistakes I see in résumés is that the person has provided essentially a laundry list of what they did in a job. Boooorrrrring!! This might be suitable for European-style curriculum vitae and highly technical résumés which thrive on miniscule details, but American-style résumés have turned the corner from the mundane daily job tasks. They have become a valuable tool and key place to illustrate value to a prospective employer. If there was ever a time for proverbial chest-thumping, this would be it. You HAVE to toot your horn, as you are the only person who… Read »