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When Team Spirit Fizzles Your Job Search

Sure, we all want to demonstrate that we have team spirit, but it can fizzle your job search. Say what?!!!!??!! Yes, it’s great to be rah-rah about the team when talking about past projects, but sometimes, this can be a liability, versus an asset. In job searches, I’ve found that people start talking about their accomplishments in “we” and team spirit terms, and don’t use personal language. But that’s not what the employer is interested in… They aren’t hiring the rest of the team. They are interested in what YOU can do. Not the others. When it comes down to… Read »

Building Your Career: 5 Secrets To Moving Up The Ladder

Many of us land a job and are extremely grateful to be employed, but always harbor a dream that someday we will move up within the organization. But opportunities usually just don’t fall out of the sky, and getting the right alignment of the sun, moon, and the stars requires some hustle on your end to make it all happen. But first, think about things from the boss’ point of view. If you were in the big cheese’s chair, what would you look for in your employees when determining whether or not to promote them? There are always going to… Read »

Being Proactive Means Being Forearmed

When was the last time you interviewed? Has it been awhile? Or do your palms immediately turn sweaty even THINKING about going into an interview? Take some of the pain out of this process by proactively rehearsing your answers to those questions before going into the interview, and keep an eye to what your accomplishments have been at your previous employer(s). Do as much research as you can about the target company, so that when you walk into the interview, you are grounded on your background, understand the types of questions that they might throw at you, and have done… Read »

Getting Past Job Search Fears

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Establishing yourself in the workplace or beginning the hunt for a new job is probably one of the scariest things you can ever do. Most people express a great deal of fear when faced with new opportunities. But it can also be one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences. We grow the most when we overcome things that we fear, and can learn new things about ourselves that can add dimension and depth to our character as well as our understanding of the world. Someone once told… Read »

You’ve Hit Rock Bottom… Now What?

Most of my friends and clients know that I love hiking. The reward involves beautiful mountain vistas and breathtaking wildflowers. But with anything worth doing, there’s always a downside. Mine happens to be falling. A lot. And I’ll even reveal a secret: My nickname is “Stumblina” – bestowed upon me by my concerned but bemused husband as my falling down while outdoors happens so frequently. So this weekend, after successfully navigating a very deep (and steep canyon) enroute to our campsite on Mt. Hood here in Oregon, the return trip wasn’t as lucky. After making it all the way back… Read »

Career Mojo: Who’s Got It; Who Doesn’t

Anyone who has been in a supervisory position or in a human resource role can relate to this: They usually know right away who is going to go far in their career… and who isn’t. I’ve seen a lot of this lately especially in younger workers (the fabled Gen Y) and can clearly identify those who are going to be those wonderful success stories in their careers… maybe not right now, but they will be at some point in their lives. There’s just something about them. But what is that magic elixir that separates the super stars out from the… Read »

Performance Under Pressure… What Are YOU Really Made Of?

I just got back from speaking at a global educational conference – overall, the experience was incredible with amazing programs and powerful educational tracks. This was my 4th time attending as a presenter, yet I felt that I walked away from the conference having learned just as much as I had shared. However, there was a bigger lesson afoot here at this conference that I could not have anticipated. During my own presentation, the projector used for my PowerPoint started flickering ominously before I even took the stage. Not a good sign. Normally, I can give a presentation without slides,… Read »

Boasting or Telling a Story That Shows Results?

This morning I met with a client who confided in me that she is not “used to boasting about herself” in her rĂ©sumĂ©, and that this entire exercise was very difficult for her.  Then she laughed uncomfortably. Too often, this is the case when people sit down to work on their most important career document. They DON’T feel comfortable about “boasting” about themselves. And that’s exactly the problem. They shouldn’t be boasting. Instead, they should be telling stories where they are the starring character.  If done correctly, these stories aren’t all about boasting. You are just telling a story that… Read »

Do Something That Scares You… It Will Change Your Perspective

This past weekend, Brad, my husband, and I were out camping in the very remote northeast corner of Oregon. It was so remote, in fact, that we only saw 10 cars go past on the road the entire day, and even that seemed like a major traffic jam. We had gone hiking one of the days that we were there, and had just returned back to camp only to hear a low rumble growing on the horizon. It grew louder, menacing, like a monster gathering strength. Sure enough, it was clear that a thunderstorm was on its way, so we… Read »

Not Everyone Is A Rock Star At Work. And That’s OK.

Career professionals are always advising job seekers that they need to always try to quantify their results and showcase their top achievements. But oftentimes, when I talk to clients, something that comes up in discussions is that they frequently don’t feel like they are a rock star that has super-stand out accomplishments. What I hear is: “I just show up every day and do my job right.” “My job isn’t very important – I just answer the phones.” “We met the goals – didn’t exceed them due to the economy, but we met the goals anyway.” “My job doesn’t have… Read »