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Age Discrimination – Ultimate Fight-Back Guide

Age discrimination quick test:  What do these words all have in common? “Fit, vibrant, energetic, stamina, enthusiastic, ambitious, progressive, forward-thinking, adopter of new technology, recent graduate, passionate, motivated, growth, willing to learn, dynamic, adaptable, fresh, inspired, quick-reacting, ability to think on feet, bring a new rejuvenation…” Hint: For more mature workers, it’s meant to not describe you. In essence, this is just a sample of random “code words” used by employers in job announcements to try and deter more mature professionals from applying by using terms usually reserved to describe younger workers. Read between the lines, and these jobs are… Read »

Over 50? Start Looking Over Your Shoulder

Over 50 years old? Please don’t shoot this messenger… because if you are in this age group, you need to seriously start taking stock of what the final years of your career will look like.  There’s a reason you need to be concerned. Companies, unfortunately, oftentimes see more mature workers as a cost versus an asset. Age discrimination is absolutely illegal, but employers can and ARE finding ways to sidestep those protections to cut down on overhead costs. Of course they talk about how much they value the knowledge, expertise, and organizational background that comes with having over 50 workers… Read »