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Job Descriptions – The Real Hidden Truth

November 4, 2014
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Job descriptions have a hidden reality. Any employer who floats out a job description for a position opening actually is doing something every little kid does during the Christmas holidays… writing out their wish list. The job description is really a checklist for their dream candidate. Does that person really exist? Does Santa Claus exist? But as much as the company outlines their desires in the “perfect” applicant, there’s also a hidden truth about the job itself. A lot of what the employer REALLY wants isn’t posted in that announcement. So in a way, the job description isn’t really accurate…. Read »

Exit Plans: Know How To Leave a Job

October 7, 2014
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Exit plans : Do you have one? Think of a time when you accepted a job knowing that it wasn’t the right job, but it was “A” job that at least meant income was coming in. During the recession, this was the reality of many people’s job searches.  Jobs were scarce and they were struggling to find work.. a job, any job. But even if you were one of the lucky ones who landed a job that was actually within your target parameters, smart career managers had already hatched their exit plans for their new job. So this begs the… Read »

Don’t Achieve the “Peter Principle” in Your Career

September 26, 2014
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The Peter Principle. It’s a real thing. Don’t know what it is? Basically, it is the concept that people get promoted to the highest level of their own incompetence. In simple terms, you could be the top sales person who gets promoted to director of sales as a reward… because you are doing so awesome in sales. Chaos then ensues as when you screw everything up because you suck at managing people. Sales you can do. Managing you cannot. Congratulations: You have just met the Peter Principle. Unfortunately, the Peter Principle happens a lot in the workplace.  Bosses want to… Read »

Never Undersell Yourself… Ever

September 20, 2014
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Never undersell yourself.  I know it is difficult sometimes because many job seekers are constantly having to shift their tactics to try and align their backgrounds as closely as possible to position openings. Oftentimes, they find that they might seem overqualified to the prospective employer, and therefore, for the lack of a better description, “dumb down” their résumé in an effort to not come across as strongly. But if you have resorted to these tactics previously, consider these potential career setbacks: You could put yourself back financially by going for a lesser position with equally lesser pay which can mean… Read »

Over 50? Start Looking Over Your Shoulder

September 10, 2014
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Over 50 years old? Please don’t shoot this messenger… because if you are in this age group, you need to seriously start taking stock of what the final years of your career will look like.  There’s a reason you need to be concerned. Companies, unfortunately, oftentimes see more mature workers as a cost versus an asset. Age discrimination is absolutely illegal, but employers can and ARE finding ways to sidestep those protections to cut down on overhead costs. Of course they talk about how much they value the knowledge, expertise, and organizational background that comes with having over 50 workers… Read »

New Job: How To Rock the First 30 Days

September 4, 2014
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You got the new job and are on top of the world! There so much possibility.  Everything is bright and shiny. This is everything you ever wanted. Awesome. Now it’s time to rock it like the rock star that you are. Some companies will provide an on-boarding process through an orientation or new employee training. But the truth is that many are rather lacking in this department. And this is where you can positively shine and totally rock it. You need to develop a plan to rock the first 30 days of your new job, and here’s a template to… Read »

Resume Updates: What You Need Before You Start

August 21, 2014
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Resume updates: They have a lifecycle, just like anything else on this planet. You write your resume. You get a job. You forget about the resume. Then all of a sudden, you need it for either a job opportunity that comes along, or a job search that gets kicked off. Love ’em or hate ’em, resume updates are a necessary evil that everyone, sooner or later, will have to deal with. But what most people don’t realize is that there are some really important things that you need to be doing BEFORE you jump into resume updates at any point… Read »

Job Searches are a Team Effort

August 14, 2014
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Job searches are a team effort. When one partner or spouse gets axed, the whole team has to jump into action. Case in point: One of the best parts of writing this blog is having a real-life example literally write the story for itself. However, this one is personal. Real personal. And isn’t so easy to write, this time. And yes, it is about job searches. On Monday, I was watering the garden after work when my husband got home. “I’ve got some bad news,” he ventured. “Okay….,” I replied… waiting for the shoe to drop. “I’m getting laid off.”… Read »

Job Stealth Mode: Find Critical Info About Potential Employers

July 28, 2014
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Job stealth mode can make a difference.  We all know that asking questions in an interview are a good way to learn more about a company.  The purpose of this activity is to find out if you want to work there too. But to be really prepared, you need to go a lot deeper than this. It’s time to go into “black ops” job stealth mode. Doing your due diligence in stealth mode before, during, and after an actual interview can reveal a lot more information than initially gleaned during a 45 minute interview. And can make the difference between… Read »

 Edging Out The Competition For A Job

July 10, 2014
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Edging out the competition: What does it REALLY take? When it comes down to the wire, and there are two finalists for a job, what exactly is that “magic ingredient” that tips the scales in your favor over the other person? There are a lot of factors at work in the application process that are on every hiring manager’s checklist that can make the difference in edging out the competition. Let’s pull back the curtain and see what an employer is really looking for: A) Candidate meets job criteria B) Has relevant experience C) Cites specific examples demonstrating ability to… Read »